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Listening to online radio stations is a great way to develop your English listening skills by getting used to the speed, intonation, and varied English accents that native English speakers have.

4 Top Benefits of Diploma Courses

The choice between whether to study diplomas or university qualifications can be a confusing one. However, diploma courses can be an ideal alternative to a degree if you hope to compete well in today’s dynamic job market. Diploma programs can also offer a host of benefits from flexibility and affordability, to professional skill requisites for different careers. Additionally, you can rack up more than one diploma in a particular discipline since they have shorter durations than college degrees. Want to know more? Read ahead to explore the enormous value of diploma courses that you may not receive with conventional degrees.

Is Data Science a Trending Career Option in Singapore?

The continual digital transformation of the world has made data science and machine learning the buzzwords of this decade. With businesses generating enormous amounts of information every year, science can help them analyse this for valuable insights. Singapore is one of the most significant technological and business hubs in Asia, and therefore, it’s witnessing the rapid growth of this industry. Read on if you are interested in Data Science courses in Singapore and want to learn more about the future of data science in the country.

The Importance of Reskilling in a Post-COVID-19 World

The recent pandemic has changed the way organisations and businesses work. The industry impact of current events has made one…

Careers expected to be in-demand in the aftermath of COVID-19

We’re all experiencing trying circumstances and significant challenges. Although the situation is returning to normalcy in many countries, the job…

How is Technology Driving Changes in the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry?

Improvements in technology have pushed the boundaries of practically every field, including logistics and supply chain management. If you’re accustomed…

5 Latest Trends in the International Business Domain

With innovation and technological advancements driving the business world, it’s vital you keep updated on current and future international business…

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Every second Monday check it out! We cover tips and hints how to learn English. Activities, games, exercises to help…

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When you learn more words, start texting in simple sentence structures. Texting is a great way to practise your conversations…

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