Finance vs. accounting: what should you study?

Both finance and accounting play vital roles in the global economy and studying these subjects will allow you to learn about a wide range of concepts that can help you make informed business decisions. While a finance degree can help you gain control of business strategies by using data to analyse expenditure and project future growth, an accounting degree focuses on teaching students about the professional responsibilities and principles required to manage business reports and records. If you are confused about which pathway to study and looking to obtain a quick overview of the difference between finance and accounting courses, then read through this detailed guide which explains what an accounting and finance diploma can entail.

Is cyber security a good career in 2022?

Since the turn of the 21st century, cyber security as an industrial profession has grown exponentially, accelerating its growth even further amid the pandemic. With more and more organisations investing their money into cyber security technology, there are plenty of opportunities for people to learn cyber security topics and work remotely. So, now is a great time to learn how to start a career in cyber security and gain the right skills.

How to become a chartered accountant in Singapore

Chartered accountancy programmes taught in Singapore are popular across the world. This is because of the diverse student base, a curriculum structure that has a strong international outlook, and educational infrastructure that provides deep cross-border knowledge. Singapore CA courses are tailored for business leaders who aspire to possess a Singaporean chartered accountant qualification and wish to develop relevant industry skills for future business leaders. If you are looking to become a chartered accountant in Singapore, it is critical that you transform into a trusted advisor and become the financial backbone of a company to provide holistic business strategies. Before you start your accounting journey, it is important to obtain a basic overview of the wide range of resources and decision-making processes that you need to understand to secure a lucrative career in this sector.

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What to do after ACCA?

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4 types of data analytics to improve decision making

When executed effectively, data-driven decision-making can have a tremendous impact on the long-term success of a business. Business intelligence and…

7 great reasons to choose a career in accounting

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Is an MBA in International Business better than a regular MBA?

International business focuses almost exclusively on issues related to the economies around the world but has a significant impact on…

Data analytics application: Effective use in different industries

Big data has become a necessity for any modern industry to survive. As AI continues to infiltrate our everyday lives,…

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