What is the best time for studying—day or night?

Whether you are currently pursuing a course or have recently graduated, having good study habits can always help you make the most of your studies. Study schedules are personal and different students find different times to be conducive to their productivity. While some students are night owls, others might find themselves more likely to study effectively during the early morning hours. It might take some time and patience to find out the best time for your studying, but it is worth the time. Finding out the best time to study can enhance your productivity and performance. Read ahead to find out different study timings and their benefits.

The Importance of Security in This Digital World

A by-product of the digital age is the immense amount of data produced and circulated in the online world. Nearly 1.7MB of data was generated in 2020 per person and in the past two years, almost 90% of the world’s total data was created. These astonishing figures also bring to light the importance of cyber security in the modern digital world. Data breaches have become increasingly frequent and more complex with growth in technology. Hence, hackers find it easier to break through the vulnerabilities of companies and access confidential client information. Digital transformation has accelerated the growth of online platforms, showing us just how crucial security in the digital age is. Businesses both big and small need to take cyber security into consideration if they want to stay protected from cybercrimes. Read on to find out why a strong digital expansion must be backed by robust cyber security measures.

4 Effective study tips for your online learning

The pandemic has resulted in a dramatic shift from conventional classroom teaching to online learning globally, including in the country of Singapore. As per Statista.com data, August 2020 saw students in Singapore consuming at least 1-2 hours of online learning content per week. Online learning is already a big part of Singapore’s education sector. The Insight Partners research reveals that the country’s e-learning market was valued at $792.97 million in 2019. The figure is expected to reach a whopping $2,228.74 million by 2027. Online learning provides a myriad of advantages that aren’t possible in a traditional setup, primarily—flexibility and accessibility. However, you might face some initial hiccups, especially if you are new to the format. Whether you have shifted to digital learning for the first time or want to improve your productivity online, there are plenty of ways to maximise the benefits of this format. Read ahead to get some effective study tips and strategies to help you make the most out of your online learning sessions.

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