Should you choose a master of international business or an MBA in international business?

An international business degree can help you expand your career prospects across different countries and expose you to the relevant skills required for a global career. Today, renowned universities offer diverse programmes like a master’s in international business (MIB) or an MBA in international business. The question remains: Which international business programme will suit your professional aspirations better? To an untrained eye, both degrees might seem the same. However, there are distinct differences between the two programmes. Struggling to decide which path to take in the MIB vs MBA debate? Read this blog to find out the difference between the two qualifications.

Why is Singapore good for international students?

Coming to a decision about your studies can be quite overwhelming. Based on the current scenario, the enrolment and settlement fees for studying at an international college are sky-rocketing. To help you make the right decision about where to study, you should consider which school you’re going to get the best return on investment at. Singapore is fast emerging as a preferred global education hub, as it continues to showcase world-class education, affordable tuition fees, and internationally acclaimed colleges. The Singaporean government’s total expenditure on education in the past decade reached close to 13 billion Singaporean dollars. The main purpose behind this was to build a highly diversified, skilled, and educated workforce to support the economy. Let’s jump right into the reasons why this rich and advanced island nation, the Lion City, should be on your radar as a study abroad destination.

How to become a certified accountant

Accountants are fundamental within the financial world. Without them, the entire sector would fall into disarray with no one to manage finances and taxation issues for large organisations. This reliability on accountants worldwide has boosted the compensation packages and opportunities in the field. Hence, accountancy careers have always been desirable, especially for those who want to establish a successful career. Although there are plenty of ways to pursue an accountancy career, obtaining professional degrees and certifications can make your journey easier. There is no step-by-step guide to become a certified accountant — different people take different paths according to their academic background and professional aspirations. Read this article to learn more about the career prospects of becoming an accountant and the procedures and requirements necessary to acquire the relevant certifications.

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