Ghan Shyam Dubey

ACCA/Oxford Brookes University - BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting

Full-Time Tutor

Ghan Shyam Dubey

Ghan is a professional accounting tutor for the ACCA program. Ghan was previously from top firm and financial institutions such as KPMG , Credit Suisse AG and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Ghan is a tutor who knows exactly what it takes for a new student who is embarking their journey in accounting, to make it smooth all the way from the start to the end setting a perfect foundation.

Ghan himself was a student of accounting at the age of 15yrs old, where he struggled to understand the subject, always scoring below the pass grade in his first month of the accounting subject.

Ghan stayed resilient and went to self study and discovered the "code for understanding accounting". He tested it on himself and when he devised his own customised method, he started scoring maximum marks.

Ghan even went on to achieve 1st ranking in Singapore for his ACCA examination. Most recently, he completed GMAT and scored 770 marks which places him at top 1% in the world.

A 770 GMAT score falls in the 99th percentile. Meaning only 1% of all test takers receive this score worldwide. The average GMAT score for elite business schools like Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton is around 730.

Ghan has received offer from one of the top university in America - The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). However, Ghan continues to teach at LSBF before embarking his next journey higher with top business school.

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