Benefits of Studying a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management

Benefits of Studying a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management

A postgraduate diploma in business management is one of the smart decisions you can make before entering the world of business.

Here are some benefits of postgraduate diplomas in business management:

  • More flexible when compared to a traditional MBA degree, offering you a choice of specialisations in a broader range of fields
  • Less time-consuming and can help you enter the workforce faster
  • Cost-efficient and relatively less expensive compared to regular business degrees
  • Equivalent to a master's degree, however, private institutes have more freedom when designing the curriculum of postgraduate diplomas, thus enabling you to have a rich study experience. (Source: Shiksha)

When choosing a master's programme for yourself, it can be confusing to decide between a postgraduate diploma in business management (PGDBM) and a regular master of business administration degree (MBA).

This article will help you understand the difference and highlight the benefits and career advantages you can obtain through a postgraduate diploma in business management.

Did you know?

The average salary of business management diploma graduates earn around USD 114,000 (Source: Payscale)

What is a post graduate diploma?

A postgraduate diploma in business management is a specialised programme designed to provide in-depth knowledge and skills in various aspects of business administration. Unlike traditional master's degrees, a postgraduate diploma offers a more focused curriculum, emphasising practical applications and real-world scenarios.

Point to note: This course is aimed at providing training for graduates in any stream. If you are looking at business administration before graduation or a bachelor’s degree, a diploma in business would be more suited.

Best place to study a PGDBM course

Singapore can be one of the best places for you to study a PGDBM course. Being one of the financial hubs and trade hotspots of Asia, Singapore is known for its tenacity in the business community with trade being its main source of national revenue.

In 2017, Singapore traded around SGD 967.1 billion showing a handsome 11.1% increase in trading volume compared to the previous year. Additionally, the city-state is widely regarded as the world’s 14th largest exporter and 17th largest importer as per credible sources. (Source: Guidemesingapore)

So, if you choose to study business management in Singapore, then you may have many advantages and career growth opportunities in store for you.

What is a postgraduate diploma in business management?

This is a specialised postgraduate course in business management that can help launch your career in business through intensive training in industry-relevant curriculum and skills.

This programme is not only for recent graduates but also for mid-career professionals looking to enhance their skills and gain a thorough understanding of the industry.

Subjects covered in a postgraduate diploma in business management are:

  1.   Strategic management
  2.   Business communication
  3.   Financial analysis
  4.   Digital marketing
  5.   Strategic leadership

These are some of the common subjects you will find in a PGDBM course. As a student, you can expect to gain a holistic understanding of business operations and industry nuances through a PGDBM course. 

Why study for a postgraduate diploma in business management?

A post-graduate diploma in business management is roughly equivalent to a master’s degree in business while an MBA is a valid master's degree. However, when you pursue a PGDBM from a reputed institute, this qualification can help you fetch higher salaries when compared to a standard MBA degree. The PGDBM is also cost-effective and can help you save on time with its shorter course duration.

Top benefits of business management courses and diplomas:

  • Improve your social network in the business realm
  • Get trained in industry-relevant skills and tools
  • Become business-ready in a shorter period as PGDBM courses have a shorter duration ranging from 6 -12 months compared to MBA programmes
  • A diploma in business management opens doors to good career opportunities based on the location and institute you enrol with
  • Understand the core concept of business management from experts

A postgraduate diploma in business management is not just an academic pursuit; it's a gateway to enhanced career prospects and a deeper understanding of the business world. If you're ready to elevate your business acumen, explore the benefits of this programme today.

The London School of Business and Finance, Singapore offers you one of the best postgraduate diplomas in business. With industry experts training you at the heart of the Singapore campus, you will find ample opportunities to shine in this course.

LSBF’s Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management is available on campus and through blended learning.

LSBF Singapore has won many awards and accolades under various categories as an education provider. It is certified by EduTrust and is also an ACCA-certified learning partner.

Sign up today with LSBF and discover bright opportunities for your career.

A blog written by Rebecca Paulraj and edited by Candice McDowell


Who can take the postgraduate diploma in business management course?

While entry requirements may vary from institute to institute, a regular PGDBM or diploma course in business management would require you to have a bachelor's degree from a recognised university or institute with a minimum aggregate score of 40-50% (Source: Lloyd Business school )

Is a postgraduate diploma in business management equivalent to a master’s degree?

While a postgraduate diploma doesn't carry the same academic weight as a master's degree, it holds significant value in the professional realm. Employers often view it as equivalent, if not superior, due to its focus on practical skills and real-world applications.

What's next after my diploma in business management?

After completing a diploma in business management, the logical progression is often a postgraduate diploma in business management. This advanced programme provides a deeper understanding of business principles and prepares individuals for managerial roles. You can even find access to advanced master’s degrees like the pathway offered in LSBF’s Diploma in Business. This pathway qualifies you for admission into the MBA programme at the University of Canada West (UCW). On another note, you may also find internship opportunities after your diploma, which can help you gain real-world experience in business.

Is it worth pursuing a postgraduate diploma in business management course?

Absolutely. The hands-on approach, specialised knowledge, and recognition by employers make a postgraduate diploma in business management a worthwhile investment in one's career. Based on your choice of location and institute you can also have multiple career opportunities through business-centric events, job fairs, guest lectures and much more.

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