Beyond O Levels – Pathways to a Globally Recognised Bachelor’s Degree

Beyond O Levels – Pathways to a Globally Recognised Bachelor’s Degree

Learn how to get into the top universities in Singapore through university pathway programmes.

If you don’t have the grades you need, you may struggle to get into some of the top universities in Singapore. A pathway programme can be a great option to deal with this, as this can help you gain admission into some of the top bachelor’s degree programmes in Singapore.

In this blog post you will learn:

  •         What education options are available to you
  •         How to get into a top bachelor’s degree programme
  •         The different pre-university programmes available to you in Singapore

This article will also discuss in detail what a university pathway programme is, how you can enrol into a pathway programme or degree, and how pathway programmes can open doors for you to obtain global education.

We will also investigate:

  •         The types of higher education pathways for students and professionals in Singapore
  •         If pathway programmes can help you gain admission into online bachelor’s degrees
  •         The many benefits of pathway programmes

Struggling to get into top universities in Singapore? You are not alone!

It is important to remember to keep going when you are met with challenges when it comes to achieving your education and career goals. 

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school. It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.” – Albert Einstein

The top universities in Singapore are sought after by students and professionals from all over the world. This is reflected in their extremely low acceptance rates of student applications.

According to a verified source, the acceptance rate for one such university was just 5-7%! (Source:

Getting admission into the top public universities in Singapore can be hard and many students are facing issues when it comes to higher education in Singapore.

Here’s the good news!

If you did not achieve a high score in Singapore’s A-level exams or even if you’ve missed out on this stage of education entirely, you can still get admission into a reputed bachelor’s degree programme. Pathway programmes and degrees are a proven way you can still fulfil your educational goals.

What are pathways?

Pathway programmes are educational courses that help you obtain admission into reputed bachelor's degree courses. These courses are on the same level as a diploma.

A pathway programme will teach you the foundations and fundamentals of the educational stream of your choice and is equivalent to the first two years of a regular bachelor’s degree in Singapore.

The main benefit of pathway programmes is that they are regarded as valid qualifications for admission into bachelor’s degree programmes.

However, there are some things to consider while enrolling in a pathway programme. 

How to enrol into a pathway programme in Singapore?

  1. You have to clear your GCE-O-Level (Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level ).
  2.   You can then choose which stream of higher education you would like to get into.

If it is Information Technology (IT), then explore higher education pathways for bachelor’s Degrees in IT.

If you are a Polytechnic Diploma holder looking for pathway programmes in Singapore, you can consider the following options:

The London School of Business and Finance, Singapore Campus (LSBF Singapore Campus) offers you diploma courses that serve as higher education pathway programmes.

The general progression route for any student taking a diploma at LSBF in Singapore is as follows:

1st stage - Diploma in chosen subject.

2nd stage - Advanced Diploma in your chosen subject

3rd stage - Admission into the bachelor’s degree programme in the subject from a reputed university.

All that said, are you wondering which is the best pathway programme for you? Here’s the answer.

In Singapore, if you wish to enter a bachelor’s degree programme but cannot enter Junior College or clear you’re A-level exams, the following options can help you:

  1.   ITE: The Institute of Technical Education in Singapore aims to provide young students and professionals the opportunity to develop their industry-oriented skills and educational qualifications.
  2.   Polytechnic: These are highly reputed courses for students after their O-level exams. You can find many reputed private institutions in Singapore that offer you valuable polytechnic courses with placement services.
  3.   Pre-university Degree: You may also opt for a 3-year pre-university degree. This programme aims to train you and qualify you for admission into Singaporean Universities. Only one education provider is offering this pathway programme as of today in Singapore.

If you were able to clear your A-Level exams, then you can consider the following:

Pathway Diploma courses:  Polytechnic Diploma holders or GEC ‘A’ Level graduates can consider this option. You can opt for a Diploma course at LSBF Singapore Campus, which acts as a pathway course for admission into a full-time bachelor’s degree. LSBF Singapore Campus, is partnered with reputed universities.

Want to know how pathway programmes allow you admission into bachelor’s degree programmes?

How do pathways work?

A pathway programme is formed out of a mutual agreement between an institute and a university. LSBF in Singapore offers diploma courses in partnership with top universities.

Once you enrol on a diploma programme from such an institute, you automatically become eligible to use the pathway programme.

Which pathway is right for me?

Choosing the right pathway depends on your personal career goals and personal preferences.

  • Consider your personal preferences, and mode of education, whether online or on-campus and consider your financial disposition and available time.

You may also reach out to us here, to learn more about pathway programmes. Our counsellors can help you with the guidance you seek.

Ultimately, your professional success is not measured by your certificate or college status, it is measured by how industry-ready you are and how useful your education is in the real world.

You can find the best educational experiences in private institutions and alternative educational routes in Singapore. Pathway Programmes and high-quality higher educational pathways from reputed private institutions in Singapore are worthy of consideration.

The London School of Business and Finance, Singapore Campus (LSBF) has won many awards in various categories and is recognised in Singapore as a quality private institute and higher education provider. Consider the many pathway programmes offered at LSBF in Singapore to fulfil your career dream.

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This article was written by Rebecca Paulraj and edited by Taylor Gardner.



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