Meet our Careers Services and Employability representative

LSBF Singapore is committed to preparing our students and alumni for today’s fast-paced global marketplace. To assist our students, Zuleha works in the career services department. Find out more about Zuleha and the career related activities she is involved in.

Zuleha 2

Zuleha Head

Student Services of London School of Business and Finance Singapore

Tel: +65 6580 7700



Career counselling, student care, academic guidance, professional training & workshops - all come under Zuleha’s vast areas of expertise. With over 10 years of experience handling students & professionals in different stages of their careers, she is also a Master’s of Science in Human Resource Management which enhances her credentials. She relishes working with diverse groups of people and helping them excel by charting out professional development plans for students & graduates who are looking to carve their niche in the workforce after completing their education.

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