A Student’s Academic Journey Starts with the Registrar’s Office

A Student’s Academic Journey Starts with the Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office (RO) plays a pivotal role in the academic journey of every student. Wendy Wong, Assistant Registrar at LSBF in Singapore, gives Julailah Wahid a breakdown of what the department does and its impact on both the students and school. 


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From the point of registration to graduation, the RO aims to ensure that a student’s academic journey is as smooth-sailing as possible. For Wendy and her team, this entails plenty of processes, data collection and compliance work.

Wendy, who joined LSBF in Singapore as the Director of School Operations in 2011, has been the Assistant Registrar of the school’s RO since January 2017. Wendy’s experience in her former role, which involved the overall programme management of all disciplines, has put her in the perfect position to lead an Admissions team in overseeing student matters and policies.  

While Wendy’s core responsibility is to provide timely and accurate student data and reports, she also leads her team in processing student applications, handling student pass matters and issuing offer letters. Additionally, the team manages student records in the School Management System, the Fee Protection Scheme and graduation ceremony procedures.

As there is significant student interaction in this role, Wendy says that “having a sense of empathy and good interpersonal skills” are necessary. “We have to be clear and fair with students at all times,” she added.

Wendy also shares that while ensuring a good student experience is a priority, compliance is equally important. The secret? “Lots and lots of checking and filing,” enthused Wendy.

She recognises that compliance is a major pillar in Singapore’s private education institution (PEI) sector, which is regulated by the Committee for Private Education.

"I’m very happy that our compliance has proven to be strong through the years,” said Wendy.

This is evident in the school’s recent successful renewal of its 4-Year EduTrust award status. The EduTrust award is given to private education institutions to recognise their satisfactory performance in the key areas of management and provision of educational services. The award also enables these institutions to continue welcoming international students into their campuses.

The award itself is a testament to LSBF’s high quality and transparency as an organisation. Attaining this award took nearly six months of intense preparation and implementation work involving all departments.

“Seeing our business continue to thrive brings me a great sense of fulfilment. I’m also glad to see that everyone here works hand in hand to grow the organisation. We operate as one team, and having a big, happy team means a lot to me both professionally and personally,” said Wendy.

Looking ahead, Wendy hopes that PEIs in Singapore will be “recognised as quality education providers, just like the public institutions”.

“LSBF has invested a lot of time, effort and resources in ensuring that our academic quality is of the highest standard. I hope people’s mindsets will gradually change and accept PEIs to be equal to their public counterparts,” concluded Wendy.

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