LSBF Singapore's Dedication to Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity: Nurturing a Global Learning Environment

LSBF Singapore's Dedication to Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity: Nurturing a Global Learning Environment

Did you know that exposure to cultural diversity can help you have a successful career and business? A study by Mckinsey found that teams with culturally diverse workforces are 33-35% more likely to outperform their peers financially! (Source: Mckinsey)

This can be applied to the academic world too. Educational institutions that embrace cultural diversity and inclusivity tend to produce well-rounded graduates ready for success in the global job market. 

Cultural diversity and industry-specific training is at the heart of the London School of Business and Finance, Singapore (LSBF SG).

This blog post will show you how LSBF Singapore has implemented and acted on its core values of producing graduates who are successful in their careers in the global marketplace. This will also highlight the need for cultural diversity in schools and exposure to international experiences.

How LSBF Fosters a Global Learning Environment that Helps Students Succeed

  • Faculty Expertise: At the core of LSBF Singapore's success is its distinguished faculty, who are accomplished educators hailing from diverse corners of the globe. 

Take for example the ACCA course at LSBF SG, taught by Taxation Expert Yvonne Goh. This course has produced many students who have topped the ACCA exams since the year 2017. 

ACCA topper, Mala Ramanathan, gives direct credit to Goh’s expertise in teaching as the key contributor to her success. Mala Ramanathan topped the ACCA exams in the year 2017. She is just one among the many who have topped the ACCA exams through training at LSBF SG!

  • Multicultural Studies and Programmes:

LSBF Singapore offers its students unique opportunities for multicultural studies. With a culturally diverse student body and top-rated teachers from around the world. An example of LSBF offering such opportunities is The Belt & Road (B&R) Multi-Cultural Studies Centre at LSBF in Singapore (2018-2022). You can click here to learn more about this.

LSBF SG has openly expressed its interest in enlarging its partnerships with universities and schools abroad to provide a multicultural and global learning opportunity to all its students. Students can look forward to many such opportunities in the future.

  • Global Curriculum and Programmes: LSBF Singapore's curriculum reflects its commitment to global education, offering programmes that are meticulously designed to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving world. 

These programmes not only equip students with technical knowledge but also nurture skills like adaptability, cultural agility, and problem-solving.

The school is a recipient of the Excellence in Curriculum and Assessment award at the EducationInvestor Asia Awards in 2018.

  • Cross-Cultural Networking Opportunities: In an interconnected world, networking transcends borders and plays a pivotal role in personal and professional growth. 

Recognising this, LSBF Singapore facilitates a range of cross-cultural networking opportunities, learning activities and trips, that expose students to industry leaders, alumni, and fellow students from diverse backgrounds.

  • Language and Communication Skills Development: Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful global citizen. LSBF Singapore offers language and communication skills development programs that bridge linguistic barriers and promote effective interaction in an international setting.

The career workshop on Personal Branding that LSBF SG conducted for its students, helps train students to create a power-packed elevator pitch. 

Elevator Pitches are when business deals are proposed in the most unlikely of places, to people in power. To make a lasting impression, you will need more than just book knowledge.

LSBF recognises this as a core business skill and trains its students to develop into competent and successful business people. The school has an e-learning portal focusing on building your soft skills, called Agilelearning.

  • Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity Training: As a hub for international students from around the globe, LSBF SG places a strong emphasis on cultural awareness and sensitivity. 

Through dedicated training and workshops, students are encouraged to embrace diversity, dispel stereotypes, and obtain awareness about the workings of the world.

  • Cultural Festivals and Celebrations: Cultural festivals and partnerships are an important part of life at LSBF. These events offer a platform for students to showcase their cultural heritage and provide opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and learning. 

LSBF SG was an official partner for the ASEAN Para Games in 2015. The event hosted 3,000 para-athletes from Southeast Asia.

  • Global Citizenship and Responsibility: LSBF Singapore understands that education goes beyond academics; it encourages the development of responsible global citizens. 

Through many initiatives and projects, students are encouraged to actively participate in addressing global challenges, from environmental sustainability to social inequality.

LSBF SG had raised a campaign supporting victims of the Nepal earthquake disaster in 2015; where they raised awareness and ensured financial help to the victims. This fundraiser is one of the many initiatives that the school undertakes to give back to the global society.

What is Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity?

Cultural diversity refers to the presence of various cultural groups and different cultural backgrounds within a community, organisation, or institution. Inclusivity, on the other hand, is the practice of creating an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to fully participate. 

In the context of education, cultural diversity and inclusivity means embracing students from diverse cultural backgrounds and providing them with equal opportunities to thrive.

The Importance of Cultural Inclusivity

Cultural inclusivity is not just a buzzword; it's a fundamental aspect of modern education. Here's why it matters:

  • Enriched Learning Experience: When students from different cultural backgrounds come together, they bring with them unique perspectives, experiences, and ways of thinking. This diversity enriches the learning environment, encouraging a broader understanding of subjects through the improvement of critical thinking.
  • Global Citizenship: In today's interconnected world, graduates need to be global citizens who can work effectively across borders and cultures. Cultural inclusivity equips students with the skills and mindset needed to succeed in an international job market.
  • Breaking Stereotypes: Interacting with peers from diverse backgrounds helps break down cultural stereotypes and prejudices. It promotes mutual respect and understanding, fostering a more harmonious society.

Academic Benefits of Multicultural Learning Environments

  • Improved Critical Thinking: Exposure to diverse viewpoints encourages students to think critically and consider alternative perspectives. This enhances problem-solving skills.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Interacting with people from different cultures often sparks creativity. It inspires students to approach challenges in innovative ways.
  • Better Communication Skills: Multicultural environments require effective communication and active listening, honing interpersonal skills.
  • Higher Academic Achievement: Studies have found that students in multicultural environments tend to perform better academically.

What is the Importance of Globalisation in Business?

  • Higher Profits: There is a higher profit level in global business when compared to local business, mainly due to the ability of global professionals to navigate challenges and roadblocks. Local businesses, while important, face unique challenges when trying to compete on a global scale. Data from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) shows that global businesses, with their broader reach, often outearn local counterparts.
  • Greater recognition and popularity: A global market seeks to solve problems for the world, and hence, anything positive you implement on the global scale gets rewarded much more, when compared to local businesses or local services. Globalisation is a defining characteristic of the modern business world. According to data from the World Trade Organization (WTO), global merchandise exports reached 19.57 trillion USD in 2020. (Source: WTO, UNCTAD)

Local Professionals vs. Global Professionals

Local professionals primarily focus on regional markets and often have a more limited scope of business operations. In contrast, global professionals engage in international business activities, tapping into a broader customer base. 

Global professionals can build more strength due to facing complex global regulations and cultural differences. This makes them more competent and productive when compared to local professionals.

If you would like to explore the global workplace and establish yourself as a global professional, consider signing up with the London School of Business and Finance Singapore (LSBF SG). You will not only have the chance to develop a successful career, but the privilege to enjoy an invigorating student experience!

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