5 Tips to Study Effectively at Home During Quarantine

5 Tips to Study Effectively at Home During Quarantine

The global Coronavirus outbreak has led people around the world to become homebound for the foreseeable future. While the pandemic has been disruptive for the daily routine of millions, students have been especially affected with their studies interrupted. Fortunately, the education sector has quickly bounced back and academic institutions across the planet are moving to online learning classes.

However, studying productively at home is easier said than done for most. It can be especially challenging if you live with a large family and rarely have any privacy or personal space. The lockdown has even eliminated the opportunity to escape to a library or a co-working space to get a calm and quiet space for your studies.

If you’re wondering about the best way to study during quarantine, this blog will be helpful. We’ll give you 5 simple but effective study tips to create an atmosphere that’s conducive to your studies. You will also discover online learning tips to maintain your concentration and reduce distractions. Let’s get started!


1.    Find a study space 

Much like your desk in a classroom or your dorm space, having a specific area to study is essential for maintaining a sense of normalcy and is one of the most effective study tips. 

If you already have a desk in your bedroom, that’s a great start. If you don’t have a desk to yourself, choose a corner of the house that’s well-lit and airy, clutter-free and quiet. You can even personalise the area with knick-knacks and a desk lamp for extra light.

2.    Communicate your needs to your family

Once you have set up your study space, create an online schedule that’s feasible and caters to both your personal and academic needs. You should also ensure that your family is aware of your schedule as this will eliminate any unnecessary interruptions which may distract you. You can also reach out to class mates and friends to get study techniques and other advice. 

3.    Make a list of common distractions

In the course of your study sessions, you may often get distracted by random events and interruptions. While some of these distractions are unplanned and therefore cannot be predicted, some of them are regular occurrences which can be eliminated with a little planning. Make a list of the different distractions and unwanted noises around you when you sit down to study. Check which among them occur frequently and what you can do to eliminate them.

4.    Reward yourself for small achievements

Focusing on studying during a pandemic, especially with sad news pouring in from everywhere can be difficult. Hence, it’s important to set realistic study goals that you can achieve. It’s also important to reward yourself when you achieve them to keep your motivation going. The rewards can range from an extra helping of dessert to an hour of your favourite TV show.

5.    Stay motivated

It’s important to engage in some non-academic activities such as reading to broaden your horizons and breaking the monotony of your study schedule. Expanding your reading list can also improve your comprehension skills and vocabulary in addition to ensuring a holistic academic experience.

Other helpful activities include meditation, listening to music or podcasts, drawing or painting and even cooking! There’s so many ways to get creative, discover new skills and put your mind at ease.

You can also use this time to learn new things online with courses to boost your skills and impress your teachers and classmates. If you’re searching for appropriate courses that can help you continue your education, you should consider exploring the variety of professional courses offered by the London School of Business and Finance. Each course is tailored to provide an overview of the subject and enhance your career prospects and right now, LSBF is live broadcasting classes held by its expert tutors. 

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This article was written by Sweha Hazari and edited by Anisa C.  

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5 Tips to Study Effectively at Home During Quarantine

While the pandemic has been disruptive for the daily routine of millions, students have been especially affected with their studies…

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