5 Benefits of a part-time degree

5 Benefits of a part-time degree

Before enrolling for any course, the first thing that you would do is study the market and understand the value of that field. This is because education and business go hand in hand as one has to evolve as per the requirements of the other.

The technological era has not only brought in newer job roles- data analyst, cybersecurity, marketing strategist and more. It has also changed our outlook towards learning methods. Presently the importance of part-time degree has gained prominence as it is a perfect fit to demanding career needs.

Asian countries have been leaders in term of education and adopting newer tech tools. Singapore alone has stood out globally with its 7.7% GDP growth rate where education has been a major factor towards overall economic development.

Part-time degree in Singapore is a measure towards supplementing students with a platform where they can upskill for a futuristic business landscape. If you are part of the workforce or about to start your professional journey, then you too need to understand the benefits of a part-time degree in your career.

The power of part-time

Similar to how remote working has become a norm in the business world, so has the requirement for continuous learning. Global brands like Unilever have been encouraging their staff to acquire management and business skills through company’s ‘Tuition Reimbursement Program’. Back home in Singapore, nearly 58% of employers are focused on training their workforce.

According to the NTUC LearningHub Employer Skills Survey report most in-demand expertise in the Singapore business hub is digital marketing followed by project management skills and data analysis.

So, while full-time degree was crucial in helping you commence your career, part time degree programme will drive you to success in the current market. Looking at the numerous benefits they hold will give you a better insight into the popularity of part time degree.

Benefits of doing a part-time degree

In the digital era, the scope of learning has become limitless and jobs have become more demanding. In such a scenario, doing a part-time degree can be of great use due to the following reasons:

1. Easy access to learning

Around 88% of locals in Singapore are of the view that recruiters will hire candidates who have multiple skills and the ability to perform different roles. Even the minister of Trade and Industry, Chan Chun Sing considers upskilling a key priority for better nation-building. Job security is only possible if one becomes more proficient and part-time degree can easily help with the same. It is among the best form of versatile learning that can help further one’s career goals.

2. Doesn’t disturb other priorities

If the current workforce has to resume their learning then a full-time course is not a conducive idea. Students who are holding a job will also find it impractical to go back to school to acquire new skills. Moreover, in the new normal, most Singaporean employees have become inclined to work-life balance. Part-time degrees here can be of immense use to those who want to study as per convenience and not feel burdened meeting their educational needs.

3. Immediate application

The new business landscape needs immediate changes and hence your skills should bring an instant result to your work. As per Mary Tan, business director of personal financial services of United Overseas Bank, Singaporeans have risen to challenge of the new digital evolution and are adapting to newer business needs. Hence, they are also aware that they have to upskill to meet current market demands which are easily possible through part-time degree courses.

4. Offers networking opportunity

The global world market operates on connectivity which means link-building is an important exercise here. A part-time programme is a good opportunity to meet professionals from different backgrounds and exchange ideas on various business issues. This can be advantageous in your career and will also make you a more aware expert in your field.

5. Affordable

Top-notch education at affordable prices is a win-win deal but it gets better when the return on investment is all the more. You can apply your learnings from part-time programme to your current work and stand a better chance at promotion or even a higher paying job role. Hence, at cost-effective prices, you can direct your career to newer heights.

Since becoming future proof has become essential for every professional in the current times, you must look into suitable courses like ACCA Online, Singapore CA Qualification Professional Programmes and US CPA - Becker Professional Education offered by London School of Business and Finance in Singapore.

In addition to these online courses, you can also check out a range of diploma programmes offered by them in business, accounting and finance, hospitality, logistic and law. Rich in curriculum and heavily focused on modern learning, these programmes can be pursued part-time by professionals. Click on the link to get more details and in-sight into each one of the courses.

Suggested Programmes

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Throughout the programme, you will develop your understanding of global strategy, international marketing, sustainability and international entrepreneurship.

MA in International Business

This MA programme will help you understand about international business strategy whilst developing your leadership, problem-solving and collaboration skills.

Postgraduate Diploma in Business

Focus on economics, business and business statistics in the postgraduate diploma to excel in your career or even progress onto an MBA programme.

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