5 Ways to Enjoy Your Student Life in Singapore

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Student Life in Singapore

When you think about studying abroad, one normally places a lot more emphasis on the ‘abroad’ part rather than the ‘study.’ There is nothing wrong with that as a good student life requires a healthy balance of work and play. Imagine writing that 5000-word thesis, only to move on to the next one without a break! Every student needs a little recreation now and then, and you wouldn’t find any better recreation than in Singapore.

Not just a provider of quality education, Singapore is also home to a large international community. Whether you’re a student or working adult, you will be thoroughly satisfied with the many genres of entertaining and thrilling activities of Singapore. Here are a few ways to enjoy your student life over here:

Arts and Culture

Look at us, once a simple fishing village where people made a living on sampans, now, the world’s second busiest port. From a sleepy island to the island that hosted the world’s first Formula 1 night race. With so many other accomplishments, immerse yourself in this knowledge at our notable museums such as the National Museum of Singapore and Art Science Museum. Go watch the annual Chingay parade where the alluring colours and grace of its dancers will equip you with the insight of our culture and customs.

Apart from being the history buff, delight in our up-and-coming arts scene which is garnering major international recognition. Maybe it was the fact that we were formerly a British colony and maybe picked up some of those English eccentricities, it is prominent to see our love for the performing arts through our numerous theatres and arts festivals such as the annual “Shakespeare in the Park.”

The Nightlife

Stalled on that thesis paper? Unwind and unleash your wild side in Singapore’s exuberant nightlife. Our nightclubs will provide you with the perfect weekend escapades as you dance the night away to the themed music nights of the clubs of Clark Quay. Like electronic dance music? Rap? Hip-Hop? Try out the dancefloors at F Club and Attica where their resident DJs will hit you with the heavy beats and flashy lights that will keep your heart racing.

Or if you just want to sit back and have a few pints with your friends, then be sure to check out our many rooftop bars. If you aren’t afraid of heights, venture 63 floors high, and enjoy the stunning 360-degree views of Singapore’s cityscape at 1-Altitude. 282 metres above sea level, you will see the architectural marvels such as the Marina Bay Sands and Singapore Flyer. Ideal for sunsets and after dark, whet your appetite with our Singapore Sling atop one of the highest buildings in Singapore and leave your Instagram followers salivating.

The Food!

Food! Glorious food! That should be reason enough for you to journey to Singapore! If you are a foodie, be ready to travel the entire island! From the fanciest restaurants in the city to the simple hawker centres of the most niche suburbs, Singapore has the most delectable and varied cuisine.

It would be a sin not to try our renowned chilli crab, a common dish served in almost all of Singapore’s seafood restaurants. This signature dish originated on our shores, so there really is nothing that compares to the original! You wouldn’t even need to go to a fancy restaurant to sample some uniquely Singaporean food. Go to any hawker centre in Singapore and discover typical dishes such as our Hainanese chicken rice, oyster omelette and black carrot cake. Some unique locations give you the best treats such as the famous laksa of 328 Katong Laksa.

In 2013, Hell’s Kitchen’s very own Gordon Ramsay came to Singapore as part of Singtel’s Hawker Heroes Challenge, to tackle on some of our cuisines with the local chefs, and he lost! If not even Gordon Ramsay could triumph, then you know the quality is assured when sampling our cuisine!

The Seasonal Festivities

With the majority races in Singapore comprise Chinese, Malays and Indians, there are periods in the year where traditional festivities take place which presents a treat to many visitors. For instance, during the Chinese Lunar New Year, you can witness bright lights and loud lion dancing in the streets of Chinatown. And during the Thaipusam festival, visit Sri Perumal Temple in Little India and see some magnificent feats like piercing of the body with large steel hooks and walking on hot coal.

Outside the racial and religious-themed festivities, Singapore also hosts the annually held Formula 1 Grand Prix, the only night race in the world that sees the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel pit against each other in our street circuit. The spotlight shines heavily on this globally televised event that also sees a stellar lineup of music performers such as Maroon 5, Mariah Carey, The Killers, Shakira, Linkin Park and many more. The formula one night race is a unique event not to be missed.

Shop! Shop! Shop!

Apart from being a food haven, Singapore is also a shopper’s paradise. Everything from luxury brands to niche flea markets, you can find it all in Singapore. Walk along the stretch of Orchard Road and you are bound to leave with a few bags in your hands. Also, watch out for the Great Singapore Sale in the middle of the year to get the best deals!

With all these attractions in Singapore, it can be distracting and you might forget why you came to Singapore in the first place. But can you blame us? Singapore is a unique destination, so make the best of your student life while you are here!

Now that you’re convinced on coming to Singapore, check out our guide on living and studying in our sunny little island

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