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Master’s in Finance - The Gateway to a Financial Career in Singapore

Finance is one of the most dynamic fields one could hope to enter after graduation. Working in this sector allows you to deal with substantial capital reserves, shape a company’s future or even build your own company from scratch. In addition to networking with influential figures in the finance world, you could also become a thought leader in the global financial domain too. If you are interested in a domain with immense career diversity, the finance sector is the ideal route to pursue. You can choose from many roles and positions belonging to different fields like financial accounting, financial management, or taxation. So, how do you start a career in finance? You can begin by acquiring finance-oriented qualifications. An advanced course like a master’s degree in finance can help you master the art of strategic thinking and making informed financial decisions. These courses usually have a final year research module or a capstone project that allows you to apply your learning in real life. Read ahead to get a better idea of the benefits of masters in finance programmes from a highly developed country like Singapore.

How to become a certified accountant

Accountants are fundamental within the financial world. Without them, the entire sector would fall into disarray with no one to manage finances and taxation issues for large organisations. This reliability on accountants worldwide has boosted the compensation packages and opportunities in the field. Hence, accountancy careers have always been desirable, especially for those who want to establish a successful career. Although there are plenty of ways to pursue an accountancy career, obtaining professional degrees and certifications can make your journey easier. There is no step-by-step guide to become a certified accountant — different people take different paths according to their academic background and professional aspirations. Read this article to learn more about the career prospects of becoming an accountant and the procedures and requirements necessary to acquire the relevant certifications.

Is the ACCA qualification difficult?

The world-renowned ACCA qualification is hugely popular amongst students aspiring to a global career in accounting. As a professional accounting body with 219,000 members and 527,000 students in 178 countries, ACCA is not only well known but highly respected. As a student preparing to study for the ACCA papers, you may have a few questions in mind. Though, the most prevalent and commonly asked question is exactly how tough are the exams and what is the ACCA pass rate. While there is no straightforward way to answer if the ACCA exam is tough or not, studying for the 13 exams requires a lot of time and dedication. It’s best to get an early start and take your preparations seriously if you want to pass the exams. Here is a quick guide on how to study ACCA and gain the desired result.

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