Accountancy and Finance


Behavioural Finance: Uncovering the Psychology Behind Financial Decision-Making

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to make the right decisions and become filthy rich whilst others just can’t seem to make up their minds? How do some people manage to stay wealthy whilst others remain living paycheck to paycheck?

ACCA vs. CPA: Which Accounting Qualification is Right for You?

In this blog, we will delve into the intricacies of ACCA and CPA, highlighting their similarities, differences, and helping you decide which qualification may be the most suitable for your aspirations and career goals.

Career Pathways for Accounting Graduates in Singapore: Opportunities and Challenges

Find out in this article about the opportunities and challenges for accounting graduates in Singapore.

Is Singapore a Good Place to Pursue a Part-Time Accounting Course?

Find out in this article whether Singapore is a good place to pursue a part-time accounting course.…

Is ACCA in Demand in Singapore? 2022 Guide

This article gives a broad look to the scope of work, career opportunities and salary for ACCA-qualified accountants in Singapore.…

Finance vs. accounting: what should you study?

Both finance and accounting play vital roles in the global economy and studying these subjects will allow you to learn…

How to become a chartered accountant in Singapore

Chartered accountancy programmes taught in Singapore are popular across the world. This is because of the diverse student base, a…

What to do after ACCA?

Do you know what opportunities are available to you once you have gained an ACCA qualification? You may be aware…

7 great reasons to choose a career in accounting

Accounting has a great reputation across the globe due to the interesting career choices that it has to offer and…

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