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Finance vs. accounting: what should you study?

Both finance and accounting play vital roles in the global economy and studying these subjects will allow you to learn about a wide range of concepts that can help you make informed business decisions. While a finance degree can help you gain control of business strategies by using data to analyse expenditure and project future growth, an accounting degree focuses on teaching students about the professional responsibilities and principles required to manage business reports and records. If you are confused about which pathway to study and looking to obtain a quick overview of the difference between finance and accounting courses, then read through this detailed guide which explains what an accounting and finance diploma can entail.

7 great reasons to choose a career in accounting

Accounting has a great reputation across the globe due to the interesting career choices that it has to offer and the increasing growth predictions of accounting jobs. Obtaining a solid academic grounding in accountancy can make you an expert at tracking all monetary issues related to a business, as well as keeping a check on financial matters, making greater choices when it comes to business payments and security. Undergoing an undergraduate course in accounting and finance can keep you updated with the advancements in technology that will make you eligible to take up accounting jobs of the future, therefore opening doors to great opportunities and a steady employment journey. This blog post will show you all the potential factors that make accounting a smart career choice and why the field of finance and accounting holds a large number of promising professions.

What to do after ACCA?

Do you know what opportunities are available to you once you have gained an ACCA qualification? You may be aware that completing an ACCA qualification comes with many possibilities as it is the most recognised and prestigious accountancy qualification in the world, setting a platform for a successful career. But with a diverse range of employment options at hand, it may be quite overwhelming to know where to start. Those who complete an ACCA qualification can choose many different directions to take their careers, from finance to law. The choice is yours.

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Is the ACCA qualification difficult?

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