Is ACCA in Demand in Singapore? 2022 Guide

Is ACCA in Demand in Singapore? 2022 Guide

As most accountancy aspirants are aware of the impact that gaining an ACCA qualification can have on candidates’ careers, it is crucial that we choose the right kind of course to pursue. ACCA preparatory courses offered in Singapore are considered one of the best ways to embark upon a career in the field of accountancy or finance and become a chartered accountant in overseas organisations or multinational companies.

Opting to study an ACCA course in Singapore can help you thrive in international business, amidst continuous economic development and globalisation. Furthermore, ACCA Singapore programmes have been setting a benchmark for quite a while now in terms of helping students get qualified to become ACCA members and gain global recognition for their skills and expertise.

If you want to take a broader look at the career paths available as an ACCA-certified candidate, then you have landed in the right place. Let’s take a closer look at the popular job roles that you can expect to work in after completing an online ACCA course in Singapore.

Why Should You Study an ACCA Course in Singapore?

ACCA has always remained a sought-after qualification, not just in Southeast Asia but across the globe, with many of the corporate giants looking out for more accounting talents holding an ACCA degree to get on board. As Singapore is currently leading as a logistics and financial centre, choosing Singapore to obtain your ACCA certification will allow you to receive mentorship from our eminent faculty and become eligible for a variety of international jobs.

Scope of ACCA in Singapore

Researchers working towards accounting innovation have observed a surge in the number of start-ups emerging in the financial accounting sector, over the past decade. This has automatically given rise to the demand for ACCA professionals, as the accountancy field keeps growing at an immense rate.

Another primary benefit of becoming an ACCA member or affiliate is the possibility of building partnerships with numerous accounting universities and organisational bodies and catching the eye of approved employers who have amazing employment opportunities in store for you. Some of the reputed companies who are eager to hire candidates with an ACCA certificate all year round include Credit Suisse, Grant Thornton, BDO, PwC, EY, Deloitte and KPMG.

Career Opportunities with ACCA in Singapore

Starting your professional accountancy career with companies like Hudson Singapore or Bank of Singapore can become easier if you have completed an ACCA course in Lion city. Here is a list of accountancy avenues that you can embark on with the ACCA course Singapore and the significant value it adds towards establishing a stable career with ACCA:

  1. Accounting advisory These experts are accountable for providing support and advice to clients or member firms on any recent transactions made, by adhering to the revised international accounting standards.
  2. Risk advisory - Professionals working in this division focus on tapping into opportunities to help a business mitigate risks, by leveraging security, investigation and intelligence services with the purpose of making a company more resilient to threats.
  3. Statutory audit Possessing this specialisation will make you responsible for conducting independent financial accounts assessments on behalf of an institution or a business organisation.
  4. Financial reporting - This role involves the process of documenting and communicating accountancy-related performance and activities throughout the year, typically on a quarterly or half-yearly basis.
  5. Mergers and acquisitionsProfessionals working in this field must demonstrate the capability to manifest an inorganic growth process of a brand, and spend their working hours consolidating the assets of a company by analysing the various types of financial transactions being conducted.

Salary for ACCA in Singapore

The scope of ACCA Singapore spans a range of employment prospects and potential salary packages starting at SGD 60K, annually. With a suitable ACCA course certification under the belt, you can not only enjoy a great career in the financial services sector but also land jobs with high remuneration.

ACCA programmes offered in Singapore are specifically designed for students who are keen on venturing into the accounting sector and consolidating a strong foundational knowledge, which can lead to successful employment. Check out the ACCA ELearning programmes offered by the London School of Business and Finance Singapore (LSBF SG) and secure the opportunity to learn from academic content that can provide you with a good grounding in finance and accounting matters, relevant to the industry.


This article was written by Deblina Dam


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