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Certificate in English for Business (EFB)

The Certificate in English for Business (EFB) programme is a 3-month course focusing on developing students’ foundation level proficiency in the English language for their general everyday needs and basic business communication which will develop their confidence in proper communication skills in a business environment.

EFB students can look forward to a progressive and systematic curriculum to help them in their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, as well as in their linguistic competencies (i.e. pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and discourse) across the Elementary level with a basic business communication aspect so that students can be confident to communicate in a business environment at the end of the programme.

Benefits of programme

At the end of the course, students will:

  • Be able to communicate effectively in a business environment
  • Develop on their presentation skills through using visual aids
  • Learn how to use a dictionary effectively
  • Learn how to work in a team and in support group projects
  • Learn and identify the proper style of conduct in a business environment
Who is the course for?

The programme is designed for students who want to develop general proficiency in the English language for use in an English-speaking business environment and for employment opportunities.

Course Duration

Full time - Up to 3 months (5 days per week x 3hrs per day – Excluding term breaks)

Full time - Up to 3 months (5 days per week x 5hrs per day - Excluding term breaks)

Part time – 3 Months (1 day per week x 3 hours a day)

Module Delivery Details

The EFB programme takes an eclectic approach towards the selection of syllabus designed as the choice of language teaching/learning methods used in the classrooms.

Course Intake

EFB is a ‘block’ programme which has been designed for either set intakes or for groups. Dates are flexible and set to accommodate study groups.

Minimum Academic Entry Requirement

The Certificate in English for Business (EFB) programme is offered to both local (Singaporean) and foreign students who have completed their secondary, and middle school education and who are interested to pursue a communications course to develop their English language skills for a business environment. All students must sit for a placement test to ascertain their proficiency levels before admittance into the course.

Minimum English Language Entry Requirement
IELTS score ≥ 3.0 
English Placement Test score ≥ 25

Exemptions: None

Minimum Age
The minimum age for this course is 16 years old.

Course Assessment

It is important to note that assessments are activity-based and incorporated into the lesson/s for the day or the week. The assessment modes are as follow:

General English Test (48% of Total EFB-Marks)

  • Paper 1 - Vocabulary and Grammar (20% of combined test score)
  • Paper 2 - Reading and Writing (40% of combined test score)


Communication Skills Module (32% of Total EFB-Marks)

  • 1 Listening Assessment (20% of combined test score)
  • 2 Speaking Assessments (20% of combined test score)


Final Project (20% of Total EFB - Marks)

  • 1 In-Class Presentation (40% of combined test score)

General English Module
The General English module encompasses the study of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, as well as grammar and vocabulary. It aims to place students at an adequate proficiency threshold to begin receiving instruction in more complex language skills (i.e. Business and Academic English skills).

Business Communication Skills Module
The Business Communication Skills module is designed to complement the General English module, and to further develop students’ speaking and pronunciation skills, as well as discourse competencies. Its main objective is to develop students’ confidence in using the English language for daily communication in a working business environment.

Certificate Awarded

Students will attain Certificate in English for Business (EFB) awarded by London School of Business & Finance upon completion of the course.

Teacher Student Ratio

1 teacher : 25 students

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