ACCA SBL Strategic Business Leader
(formerly P1 and P3)

Throughout the ACCA SBL paper, you will develop your understanding of the role of a board of directors in an organisation. This paper aims to mirror the workplace and provide you with an opportunity to practice your technical, practical and professional skills in preparation for taking on a full-time accountancy role.

The ACCA SBL paper falls under the Strategic Professional (Essentials) set of papers and will encourage you to develop the specialised skills needed to become an accountant.

Strategic Business Leader

Exam Structure

You will be required to sit a 4-hour paper-based exam (PBE) which includes 40 minutes reading and planning time. This is a case study exam which means you will answer questions around one main business scenario. All questions are compulsory and the examination is divided into 80 technical marks and 20 professional skills marks.

Paper syllabus​

The ACCA SBL syllabus is made up of nine sections.

Leadership – You will develop your understanding of leadership including the qualities of leaders and how to act in a professional manner according to a code of ethics.

Governance – You will learn about a variety of topics relating to governance including stakeholder analysis and the board of directors. You will also have the opportunity to build your knowledge of public sector governance.

Strategy – You will develop your understanding of the concepts of strategy and how internal resources, capabilities and competences are utilised to achieve results.

Risk – You will learn to identify, assess and measure risk whilst also understanding how to manage, monitor and mitigate it.

Technology and data analytics – You will develop your understanding of big data and data analytics whilst also learning about IT systems security and control.

Organisational control and audit – You will be introduced to management and internal control systems as well as audit and compliance procedures.

Finance in planning and decision-making –You will learn about financial analysis and how this can inform decision-making within an organisation.

Innovation, performance excellent and change management – You will learn how to enable success within a business in terms of organisation, disruptive technologies, talent management and performance excellence.

Professional skills – You will be encouraged to develop your communication skills, commercial acumen as well as other skills of analysis, scepticism and evaluation.

Daytime sessions run between 9.45am-1.15pm.

Afternoon sessions run between 2.00pm-5.30pm.

Evening sessions run between 6.45pm-10.15pm.

LSBF offers a variety of study options to help you achieve your professional goals. You’ll have the great chance to study online: our online learning platform includes recorded tuition video lectures, as well as a good range of articles and support videos.

Alternatively, you can also attend the course on-campus, you’ll be taught by our expert tutors who have years of professional expertise.

By the time you have completed the ACCA SBL paper you will understand:

  • Theories surrounding leadership including professionalism and ethical codes
  • Why governance is important and how to perform stakeholder analysis
  • Concepts of strategy and how resources can be utilised within an organisation
  • How to identify and manage risk
  • How technology is utilised within businesses including cloud and mobile technology
  • Organisational control and audit procedures
  • Financial planning and decision-making
  • How to drive an organisation towards success

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