ACCA BT Business and Technology (formerly Accountant in Business/F1)

The ACCA Business & Technology paper will help you understand the environment businesses operate in and the influence this has on their structure. This includes how legal and economic factors can impact things such as the health and safety, employment, data and security of businesses.

Learners will discover the role accountancy plays on ensuring the organisation considers these factors to ensure that management is efficient and ethical. You will also familarise yourself with the latest accountancy tools and technology and learn to communicate your findings effectively.

Ultimately, this module will ensure that learners become familiar with the development of an organisation, its employees and its systems.

Business and Technology

Exam structure​

This paper is completed online, lasts for two hours and is split into sections A and B. Section A is worth 46 questions with 72 marks in total. Section B has 6 questions, each worth 4 marks, with a total of 24 marks in total. All questions are compulsory and the pass mark is 50%.

Paper syllabus​

The aim of the Business & Technology paper is to introduce the business environment to learners who may not have a business background. You will learn about the different types of organisations and why they exist, their stakeholders and external factors that affect the company.

You will then consider the structure and function of organisations and the role accountants play regarding financial reporting, assurance, control and compliance. You’ll also learn about the importance of leadership, team behaviour and motivation.

Finally, learners will examine why all business activities should be ethical and representative of the organisation’s professional values.

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  • Get a better understanding of how organisations interact with stakeholders
  • Learn why effective and ethical management is important
  • Utilise the latest tools in your work
  • Understand how people are recruited, managed and motivated

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