Coaching for Success​

The workshop provides a coaching structure in which a manager and/or leader in a supervisory role could effectively hold a productive conversation with their employees or team members. The workshop provides the opportunity to learn, to practice, and to apply the key behaviours and coaching practices required for effective workplace coaching.

Managers and/or leaders in a supervisory role will be equipped with a range of techniques to enable an effective coaching that will reinforce desired behaviour, listen to others’ concerns, and promote a sense of trust and accessibility within the manager and employee relationship.

Coaching for Success

Key Facts

  • Start Date: 31 August 2023
  • Duration: 1 day, 10am-5pm
  • Delivery Mode:
    • On campus (Face-to-face training)
  • Fees: 

    S$680.00* (Incl. of 9% GST)



This program is targeted at managers and other employees who must influence or coach other employees, which will include those employees who perform the role of coaching new employees and those who are called upon to act as mentors for other employees.

This program will be delivered via conceptual briefing using written and visual aids. Participants will be provided the opportunity to work with relevant coaching cases. Time will be allocated to practise the use of the tools and techniques on real workplace situations.

The workshop leader will facilitate group discussions and feedback on the application of coaching process and techniques on the cases, actual workplace situations and related exercises.

  • Use coaching to improve performance through an effective and structured 2-way process.
  • Select from a range of behaviours and apply those that are appropriate for a particular coaching situation and environment.
  • Maintain or build a trusting and productive relationship.
  • Give useful and constructive feedback and provide follow-up coaching.
  • Gain insights into their strengths and weaknesses as a coach.
  • Define most important coaching needs of their Employees.

Upon successful completion of the Programme, participants will be awarded a verified digital certificate by London School of Business and Finance, Executive Education.

Course Outline

  1. Program Overview
  • Introductions
  • Objectives
  • Agenda for 2-days to set the context on what is coaching and why do coaching?
  • Introduction to Coaching Model & Review of Competencies of a Successful Coach? Personal Action Planning
  1. Coaching Essentials
  • Effective RARE coaching conversations
  • Small Exercises-Skills Practices: Series of short exercises to develop essential practices of coaching conversations
  1. Core Coaching Skills
  2. Skills Practices
  3. Feedback as part of Coaching process
  4. Closure & Summary
  1. Introduction of Day 2 Activities
  • Agenda for Day 2
  • Reflections as a Coaching Technique
  1. Continue Coaching Skills & the use of Behavioural Flexibility
  2. GROW as a structure-process
  3. Workplace related Coaching Practice
  4. Coaching Insights
  5. Work-related Coaching Practice
  6. Barriers to Coaching
  7. Program Closure & Summary
  • Action Planning
  • Program Evaluation

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