LSBF Singapore hold Workplan Seminar 2015

LSBF Singapore hold Workplan Seminar 2015
Lsbf Singapore Workplan

The LSBF Singapore Staff Workplan Seminar 2015 was held on 10 December 2015, highlighting the school and departmental achievements for 2015 and motivating the team for 2016’s objectives.

The Workplan Seminar was chaired by Rathakrishnan Govind, LSBF Singapore’s Managing Director. He shared LSBF Singapore’s achievements for the year, and added that 2015 has been an incredible time for the organisation.

He said: “We have become financially stronger with many of our programmes gaining leadership in the market. We will continue to grow and improve even further, with the addition of new courses and increase in student recruitment as well as collaborations with new university partnerships in 2016.”

After his keynote address, each departmental head presented their achievements for the year, plans for 2016, and their commitment to the organisation for the upcoming year in accordance with the 2016 theme of “Growth through Quality and Innovation”.

Congratulations to LSBF Singapore for ending the year on a high note; we are all looking forward to more exciting developments in 2016.

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