LSBF Singapore Campus Celebrates Lunar New Year

LSBF Singapore Campus Celebrates Lunar New Year

On Thursday, 15 February, the London School of Business and Finance in Singapore held an event on campus to usher in the Year of the Dragon with a joyful celebration.

In a vibrant display of cultural exuberance and team camaraderie, LSBF Singapore treated attendees to a captivating lion dance performance, symbolising the quest for prosperity and good fortune in the forthcoming year.

The LSBF Singapore team came together for a spirited Lohei session, the act of tossing and consuming ingredients, which represented the shared commitment to achieving greatness together. The celebration encapsulated the essence of unity and joy within LSBF Singapore, underscoring the importance of cohesion and collaboration in driving towards common goals.

As the festivities concluded, LSBF Singapore extended heartfelt wishes for a prosperous Year of the Dragon to all, showcasing the dedication to fostering growth, prosperity and unity within the community and beyond.

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