From Seafarer to Hospitality Pro

From Seafarer to Hospitality Pro
Supun Ushantha Edirimanne

For years, Supun Ushantha Edirimanne was navigating open waters and riding the ocean waves as a seaman. Today, the 24-year-old is pursuing his true passion in hospitality. He shares with us why he decided to “jump ship” and take on a different challenge!

You were a seaman for most of your teenage life. Why did you decide to switch to hospitality?

Ushan: As an extrovert, being on a ship day in and day out became rather mundane and stifling. The crew and I only had the sea to face every day! However, it was during my job as a seaman that I found my true passion.

On my undocking or off days, I had the opportunity to stay in beautiful hotels around the world, such as in Egypt, Dubai and even Singapore. Coupled with my love for people interaction, staying in such places inspired me to be part of the hospitality line. I had also enjoyed working in restaurants in my homeland Sri Lanka, so switching to the hospitality field felt like a natural step for me.

Why did you choose LSBF in Singapore to pursue your hospitality diploma?

Ushan: Apart from LSBF’s strong presence across the globe, I specifically chose LSBF in Singapore because the country is a leading travel and tourism hub in Asia. Plus, the hospitality programmes at LSBF in Singapore include a six-month internship, which would be useful for students to gain real-world experience.

What’s next for you?

Ushan: I am currently awaiting a placement for my on-the-job-training programme. Thereafter, I plan to further upgrade myself through LSBF’s Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management. I hope to gain more experience and work my way up to become a manager one day! 

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