Top tips from a first-placing champ

Top tips from a first-placing champ
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Want to know the secret to becoming an ACCA Prize Winner? Soh Sheng Long, an ACCA Prize Winner who placed first in Singapore for December 2016’s P4 and P7 papers, shares a few tips! 


Why did you choose LSBF to pursue your ACCA qualification?

Sheng Long: During my search for an ACCA tuition provider, a colleague of mine recommended a list of excellent ACCA lecturers in the industry. I did some research and found that these lecturers were teaching at LSBF in Singapore. It was a clear-cut decision for me.

Was it challenging to return to school after National Service?

Sheng Long: I struggled a little, and it took a while for me to get back on track. Thankfully, my lecturers were extremely helpful in guiding me through the basics. Catching up was a breeze with their patience and guidance!


How did the revision classes boost your exam readiness?

Sheng Long: I found the revision classes very helpful as they were a simulation of the actual three-hour exam. Instead of tackling individual questions in my classroom lessons and homework, these revision classes trained me to write answers that were adequate in length within a given timeframe. This was a good way for me to practise my exam writing and hone my time management skills.

As an ACCA Prize Winner, tell us one major technique that has helped you to get where you are today.

Sheng Long: Many students make the mistake of memorising instead of understanding the concepts and formulae. I’ve found it much more effective to learn by fully grasping a topic. After all, there is always a chance that you will forget certain things if you simply rely on your memory to retrieve information, especially on the exam day. Study with the aim to understand, and you will reap bigger and better rewards.

What other factors contributed to your success?

Sheng Long: I believe that the tutelage provided by the lecturers, such as Mr Sami, Mr Chee and Mr Roy Goh, played a big part in my success. Their in-depth knowledge on the subject matter and ability to explain various finance concepts and methods simply were valuable in my ACCA journey.

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Top tips from a first-placing champ

Want to know the secret to becoming an ACCA Prize Winner? Soh Sheng Long, an ACCA Prize Winner who placed…

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