Is it a Good Idea to Study MBA in International Business in Singapore

Is it a Good Idea to Study MBA in International Business in Singapore

MBA International Business is a new format of business degree that allows you to gain valuable corporate skills. The course structure of an MBA in international business is designed to help students adapt to the ever-evolving trends of the global marketplace.

This makes the international business MBA programme much more desirable than a traditional business degree and allows successful candidates to carry a globally recognised business qualification throughout their career. So, what is the scope of an MBA in international business course?

Earning your MBA degree from Singapore can allow you to progress into an international career. Singapore has been ranked #1 most competitive economy, topping the rankings in the World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Competitiveness rankings in 2019 and IMD’s World Competitiveness 2020.

With more and more countries around the world trying to harbour business talents to make brand operations both functional and smooth, there is an increased demand for MBA international business graduates. Students can gain unique business skills through an international MBA programme, including the option of strategic money-making techniques, living on the edge of the competition and exploring the international market.

Why Should You Study MBA in International Business?

International business is required in every aspect of running a company – from setting up a brand and acquiring capital to finding different ways to branch out on a global scale.

If you have been looking for a holistic and versatile management degree that deals with a lot of case studies, overseas business issues and a programme that covers all the generic business topics, then opting for an MBA in international business from Singapore is a good choice.

Scope of Studying MBA in International Business in Singapore

MBA international business programmes taught in Singapore are popular among global candidates because of the effectively designed and meticulous course structure. This unique model structure allows students to become industry ready and demonstrate relevant skills to increase their employability.

With unlimited job opportunities at hand, as an international business management candidate, you will become eligible to join a diversity of forms and enterprises in almost any region of the globe.

Career Opportunities with MBA in International Business

Adding an MBA in international business qualification to your resume can help you showcase the required knowledge that international market recruiters look for. Completing this well-rounded MBA degree can help give your career a boost and allow you to better analyse global economic patterns.

Here’s a list of potential MBA in international business careers that you can apply for upon graduation:

  1. Administrative Manager Planning, directing and organising supportive services on behalf of an organisation and supervising other activities including office upkeep, maintenance of records and effective mail distribution.
  2. Consultant for an international organisation Consultants undertake the responsibilities that are focused on improving the overall business performance, by offering guided advice and expertise to clients.
  3. Chief Executive Officer – The core responsibilities of this job profile include planning and executing the business strategies, building and overseeing the executive team and allocating capital.
  4. Export and import management This role ensures that the shipment of goods and services is carried out effectively across all countries as per the international regulations and laws.
  5. International marketing As an International Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for promoting sales of a particular brand's products or services in multiple global markets, in addition to developing and executing business strategies.
  6. Foreign exchange management Holding a managerial position in the foreign exchange market will require you to address queries of investigations and reconciliations between teams, meeting the demands of risk management and handling escalations.
  7. International finance This job profile typically deals with the drafting of business statements, annual budgets and analysing financial reports, to raise the company's status in the competitive job market.
  8. Management Analyst A Management Analyst focuses their attention on evaluating the effectiveness of business operations and conducts organisational studies to improve their structure and workflows.

Value of MBA in International Business

Pursuing an MBA in international business doesn’t only bring you high-profile career opportunities, but also ensures high-paying job roles. This comes along with attractive opportunities like gaining experience from international experts and offers international travel as part of your role.

So, why wait? Kick-start your study abroad plans today by enrolling on the Master of Business Administration and International Business programme offered by the London School of Business and Finance Singapore (LSBF SG) today.

Aim for an MBA in an international business career that is tailored to your lifestyle and get in touch with us to obtain the best guidance and support.

This article was written by Deblina Dam and edited by Olly Cox.


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