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Student Services

London School of Business & Finance (LSBF) constantly seeks to make the student's study and stay here in Singapore an enriching experience. We also provide the students with the following services:

Fee - Schemes and Policies

Pursuing an education is often a costly affair that requires budgeting and planning to make sure that our students get the most out of their dollar. At LSBF, we aim to make this part of our students' education as easy and care-free as possible, so our students can focus on their studies and exceling on their route to success.

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LSBF has implemented the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) under the EduTrust Certification Scheme.

The FPS serves to protect students' fees paid to private education institutions, operating in Singapore. As part of the FPS, LSBF has put in place the Industry-wide Course Protection Insurance Scheme for our students. This Scheme covers existing students with insurance pay-out in the event of school closure.

LSBF has also arranged medical insurance on behalf of our students. It is mandatory for all students to have medical insurance coverage. Should a student be covered under their own medical insurance scheme, the student may opt out of our medical insurance scheme. Students who choose to opt out have to indicate their choice in the student contract.

LSBF will undertake to inform the Council of Private Education (CPE) and all our students of any changes in our ownership or management through announcements posted on the website, notice board(s) within the school premises and via email, within fourteen (14) days of the change.

Academic records (if applicable)

Students who have successfully completed the Certificate in General English Course or Certificate in Business English Course will receive the Certificate of Achievement and transcript.

Student support
Schools Operation Support
Schools Operation Support

Welcome Orientation

A welcome orientation will be held within the first 2 weeks of the programme. The students will be briefed on the rules and policies of the school and other relevant authorities, such as committee of Private Education (CPE) and Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), during the orientation. Other important information pertaining to the study will be covered during the orientation. Campus tour will be conducted at the end of the orientation.

Dedicated Programme Executive

A dedicated Schools Operation personnel is assigned to each class and he is the students’ main contact point at LSBF during their course of study.

Students are strongly encouraged to contact their Schools Operation personnel via phone calls or emails on any administrative queries. They are welcome to meet their Schools Operation personnel at the office during official operating hours. It is recommended for students to arrange for an appointment prior meeting the Schools Operation personnel.

Request for Letter of Certification

Students may request for Letter of Certification during their studies with LSBF. Pls submit the request to the Registrar’s Office at The processing time is approximately 3 working days.

Students are strongly encouraged to email or call their Academic Coordinator if they have any administrative queries. They are also welcome to see their Academic Coordinator in the office during the operating hours. Should a student wish to see the Academic Coordinator; it is recommended for him to make an appointment in advance.

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Academic Support
Academic Support
Teaching Faculty Our lecturers are teaching specialist and professionals in their respective fields. They hold professional graduate qualifications, and have many years of teaching experience in the education environment. They are registered with the Council for Private Education (CPE).
Contacting Lecturers outside Lecture Hours Students may contact their lecturers directly via email outside the lecture hours for any academic related queries.
Study Materials Students will receive study materials after they have made full payment for their programme. Replacement of study materials is subject to additional charge. For more information, please approach the Programme Management personnel.
Referencing Workshop (if applicable) A referencing workshop is available to students at no additional charge. The referencing workshop will cover the following areas:
Academic Review (if applicable) Students who are academically weak will be identified and required to see the Director of Academics for an academic review. Academic review is a discussion or counselling session during which a student’s relevant concerns can be discussed. Its objective is to help the student to achieve a better academic performance.

UpdateStudent Particulars

You can  help us  contact you quickly  when there is a need to, by making sure  you provide us  with your latest contact details( e.g. telephone number, mobile phone number and residential address). Please use the students particulars update form, which you can get from your Academic Coordinator for updating of your students records. It is important that you provide the school with your updated contact information so that school could advise the Immigration & Checkpoint authority (ICA) appropriately.     

Progress Report

The Progress Report will be given to a student upon request where appropriate. The main objective of the Progress Report is to provide the student with an overview of his academic status for his improvement purpose.

Student Portal Students have access to the Student Portal. It is a useful site where the course information and learning materials are available for students’ easy reference.
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All classrooms at London School of Business & Finance are fully equipped with rostrum, projector, tutor’s tablet and additional audio peripherals to support students’ learning experience.

Classrooms are air-conditioned and No food or drink is allowed. We seek students’ cooperation to keep the classrooms clean at all times.

Students can inform their tutors for adjustments of classroom temperature. Students are not allowed to adjust the temperature control.


The library is located at Springleaf Tower 6th Floor. Students are not allowed to remove books from the library without prior approval. Students will be responsible for any damage or loss for the books they borrow.

Food or drinks are not allowed in the Library.

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri      9.00am –9.00pm

                          Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

We have also an online library at the website of: Http:// If you require the password or the username to access the website please approach your Academic Coordinator.

Student Lounge

The Student Lounge is the place where students can relax and enjoy. Students are welcome to use the Student’s Lounge however we seek students’ cooperation in keeping it clean at all times. The Student Lounge is the only place in the campus where food and drinks can be consumed. A hot/cold water dispenser is also available at the Student Lounge.

Computer terminals with internet access are available for students’ use at the Student Lounge. Magazines and newspaper are also available.

To provide convenience, a photocopier is available at the student lounge for students’ use. Students are required to pay for the copies using an EZLink card. 

There is a Student Notice Board in the Student Lounge. Students will be responsible to regularly check out this Notice Board for latest update and other important announcements.            

Study Room On most days, a study room is available for students’ use. Students are encouraged to use it for their self-study purpose.
WIFI Access WIFI access is available within the school premises (both Springleaf Tower and GB Building). Students may obtain the WIFI password from the reception.
Vending Machines

Vending machines for snacks and drinks are available at the school premises. Students have easy access to food and drinks during their break time, before and after their class.


Lockers are available for rental for various time period at both campuses.

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Student attendance and leave

The Students’ Attendance Policy has been developed as part of LSBF’s commitment to provide a supportive learning environment which enables all students who have chosen to study with LSBF to achieve their full potential.

Students are expected to attend classes as per course schedule and as per requirement stipulated on the Student Handbook.

To request for leave during their course of study, students must submit the FRM031 Application for Leave of Absence (with supporting documents attached) at least five (5) working days before the expected leave starts or within three (3) working days after they return to school (for unforeseen circumstances) to the Programme Management personnel where the form will be directed to the Programme Director or respective Head of School for approval. There will be no replacement for the lessons missed by students.

Student welfare

(a) Medical Insurance
Medical insurance coverage is compulsory for all students. Local student may opt out of this if they declare that they are already covered by their own medical insurance.

(b) Pastoral Care
LSBF is committed to providing pastoral care services. An external Counsellor has been appointed to provide formal counselling service. Students may request for this service through their Academic Coordinator.
The Counsellor is able to provide counselling in the following areas:
  • Couple
  • Family
  • Children/Youth
  • Grief/Loss/Depression
  • Trauma
  • Marital/Pre-marital
  • Stress/Anger management
  • Marriage preparation
(c) Student Services

We have a dedicated student service personnel who in charged for the following areas:

  • Student Care and Engagement
    • Student Hostels and Accommodation;
    • Administration of Locker Rental;
    • Pastoral Counselling to vulnerable students;
    • Hospitalisation Insurance and Claims;
    • Partnership with Merchants & Student Membership Status;
    • Student Council & Clubs Collaboration;
    • Student Activities/Events;
    • Communication & Engagement Social Media Platforms such Instagram/Facebook /Posters/E-newsletter;
    • Community Outreach;
    • Handle New Student Orientation;
  • Career Care & Guidance
    • Organise career-related workshops;
    • Work with recruitment agencies and organisations for job opportunities;
    • Provide career counselling to students;
    • Screening of resumes and others;
    • Employer outreach;
  • Alumni Relations
    • Establish Alumni Club;
    • Organise Alumni Activities and Networking Events;
    • Enhance campus and alumni involvement in recruitment;
For more information on Student Services, to contact: Ms Zuleha HR
Tel: 6580 7707

(d) Student Membership

Students may apply for the student membership card and locker rental for a payment of $50.00. The membership period will be for 12 months and serve as a complimentary LSBF Ez-Link Card. The locker rental will be provided for 2 months period subject to renewal

Extension of locker (period of 10 months) will be charged at $40.00.

The membership card will serve as a complimentary LSBF Ez Link Card and members are entitled to the following benefits and priviledges:

  • Workshop Series
  • Seminars Talks
  • Enjoy privileges by our approved merchants list
  • School activities/Events and many more

LSBF membership fee is strictly non –refundable. A flat fee of $40.00 would be chargeable for loss of locker key or replacement of membership card. LSBF members are responsible to provide accurate and updated personal particulars with LSBF. This is to ensure to enable members to receive an updates on exclusive discounts/ privileges from LSBF via email, SMS or direct mail. LSBF entitled at any time in our absolute discretion without liability, without notice and without giving reason to suspend or terminate your right to use the LSBF membership card, to refuse to re-issue, renew or replace the card should the membership be abused

Appeal procedures
Appeal Procedure

School of Professional Education

The results of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) examination are issued by ACCA and not LSBF. Hence, for appeal procedure of ACCA exam results, students are encouraged to visit or contact ACCA for ACCA’s Appeal Guidelines.

School of Business

School of English

School of Hospitality

Chinese Business Department

Students are required to submit the FRM-009 Application for Special Consideration Form, should they wish to appeal against their results for the courses conducted by the School of Business at LSBF.

Students are allowed to lodge an appeal via their Academic Coordinator personnel within two (2) days from the release of the results. This applies to assessments and exam results. If the appeal is accepted, the outcome of the re-assessment will be made known to the students within seven (7) days from the day the appeal is received.

For more information on the Appeal Procedure,
please click here.

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