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Ramesh Balakrishnan

Ramesh Balakrishnan holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of London. With his serious and straightforward personality, he commands his students' attention and turns even the most tedious of topics interesting and simple by using his technique. His 24 years of experience has made him be a pioneer law lecturer in Johor Bahru. He has lectured in several reputable colleges in Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, East Malaysia, and Singapore.

He has earned praises from many of his students for helping them in passing and scoring the Corporate and Business Law LW ACCA in Malaysia and Singapore and also other law papers in various other programmes. His strengths include making law subjects easy to understand with charts, mind-mapping, past-years analysis, tutorials, interrograms, assignments, time tests, and mock exams, at the same time, going into the depths of the subject. This has earned him the reputation of being one of the most experienced lecturers in the same subject in Johor Bahru.

Notably, one of his students have obtained the Malaysia Prize (2nd Placing) in 2001, (1st Placing) in June 2007, Singapore Prize (1st Placing) in 2010, (8th Placing) International in 2010, 3rd Placing in Singapore in 2012, 22nd Placing in Worldwide Winner in 2012, 1st Placing in Singapore in 2013, 3rd Placing Worldwide Winner in 2013, 1st Placing in Singapore in 2014 and 9th Placing Worldwide Winner in 2014 in Corporate and Business Law LW ACCA.

He has also lectured for other reputable programmes by ABE (UK), Cambridge University, LLB (UOL), CIMA (UK), and BSc (UoL).  Notably, he has produced 100% passing rates in English Legal System (LLB University of London) on 2 occasions – 2006 and 2007, Evidence (LLB University of London) - 2007, Company Law (LLB University of London) on 2 occasions – 2007 and 2008, Jurisprudence - 2012 and Law Business Organization (BSc University of London) on 2 occasions – 2006 and 2008, and Company Law (Diploma in Accountancy) - 2010.

Notably, he is the registered author of a book named ‘Swamy Kanalaa, The Divine Saviour’ and published by Sanathana Dharma Sai Nilayam. He is the co-author and editor of ACCA Study Text and Practice and Revision Kit for Paper LW and Practice & Revision MCQ Supplement in Corporate and Business Law (Malaysian) published by BPP Learning Media Ltd, UK, an official publisher for ACCA. He has authored Study Manual ACCA Paper LW on Corporate and Business Law (Singapore) for London School of Business & Finance published by Inter Active Worldwide Ltd Media Ltd UK and co-authored and edited Revision Kit ACCA Paper LW on Corporate and Business Law (Singapore) for London School of Business & Finance published by Inter Active Worldwide Ltd Media Ltd UK.

What do students say about Ramesh?

Low Kang De: “I’m glad all my hard work had paid off. Special thanks to Mr. Ramesh for his regular time-test that keeps me disciplined to revise consistently before his F4 class.”

Cassandra Lo: “F4 is a technically challenging paper due to the bulk of contents to be digested and memorised, with time being the greatest constraint in the exam. However, Mr. Ramesh's teaching methods have proven to be very effective in conquering the paper.”

Wendy Darn: “I was a previous student of Mr. Ramesh Balakrishnan. His teaching methods are easy to understand as he provides charts for all topics, structured questions with answers, and class discussions which he follows up with homework assignments and time tests.”

Kay Thi Khine: “Mr. Ramesh is an excellent lecturer, who not only taught us the techniques needed to pass the F4 law paper of the ACCA exam but also made us appreciate the law by relating to our daily life.”

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