Singapore CA Qualification Professional Programmes

The Singapore CA Qualification is a comprehensive post-graduation accountancy programme equipping you with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to be a Chartered Accountant of Singapore (CA (Singapore). Upon completion of the Singapore CA Qualification, candidates will be conferred the CA (Singapore) designation.


Learn about quality control and financial auditing, including planning, managing, evidence and review. You will also develop your understanding of the regulatory environment in Singapore.


You will delve into Singapore taxation issues such as income tax from self-employment, employment and investments, Stamp Duty, as well as the types of tax incentives available.

Business Value, Governance and Risk

Acquire a sound understanding on how to create, maintain and protect corporate value. You'll also develop your skills in asset valuation.

Financial Reporting

Learn how to produce a complete set of financial statements for an organisation according to the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards.

Study options


  • 25 hours (pre-recorded videos and/or Live BC) for syllabus coverage
  • Tutors' material (in e-copy)
  • Candidate Learning pack (by SAC)

Online Exam Booster

  • 12 hours of Live BC on Practice questions
  • 3 hours of Live BC on Mock Debrief
  • Tutors' practice questions (in e-copy)
  • Mock exam (home-based) in e-copy

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