LSBF in Singapore begins recruitment in Malaysia

LSBF in Singapore begins recruitment in Malaysia

LSBF in Singapore’s Malaysian initiative is proceeding well ahead of schedule, with the business development team kick-starting the international recruitment arrangements and paving the way for expansion in the region.

LSBF@IIC, a collaboration between LSBF and International Innovative College (IIC) in Kuala Lumpur has now been established, giving support to further operations in Malaysia. Through this project, LSBF will also be able to extend its reach to agents and students from additional countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan – as well as other regions throughout the Middle East and Africa.

“We are geared to maximize Malaysia exposure, as some Bangladeshi students are already planning to study with us in Malaysia. Malaysia is one of the countries in the region that allow students to work while study. This can help to complement student’s study and living experience,” said Ravichanthiran Krishnan, who is the senior business development manager for LSBF in Singapore.

Rathakrishnan Govind, Managing Director of LSBF in Singapore, added: “We are prepared for more than a hundred students by the end of 2015, studying in Kuala Lumpur under this collaborative arrangement. This will surely increase LSBF’s profile and outreach in this region. Using this model, we at LSBF in Singapore are excited to expand into this region further.”

Classes will be starting in October, and more programmes are expected to be added as the school progresses. 

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