LSBF in Singapore signs MOU with Bio Meister High School

LSBF in Singapore signs MOU with Bio Meister High School

Last month, LSBF in Singapore signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Bio Meister High School, which is based in Jincheon, South Korea. The signatories were Principal Choi You Ho, and Managing Director of LSBF in Singapore Rathakrishnan Govind.

Bio Meister High School is one of South Korea’s elite technical schools, established by the government in 2008. It is the first institution to partner with LSBF in Singapore with the support of the Ministry of Education in South Korea.

During his visit to Singapore, Mr Ho commented that the high school is impressed with LSBF’s learning environment and the way the classes are conducted.

Under this partnership, Bio Meister will send their students to Singapore every vacation for the tailored English programme. The first batch of students will arrive in October.

Congratulations to all parties involved - especially Seo Eun Jeong, business developer at LSBF in Singapore, for her contribution in securing this arrangement.

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