Read it

Read it

Read IT! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, reading is vital to your continued English improvement. When we say read everything we literally mean everything. When you are walking to school read the traffic signs, look out for unfamiliar vocabulary and keep a mental note of it or jot in down in your vocabulary book.

Every word counts and helps to develop a wider and stronger lexical range. Pick up a newspaper and read the headlines, if you are a beginner start with the simple articles like job advertisements or the comic section. Slowly progress into the more detailed articles over time. Devote a reading time at night before bed or when you have some free time; but do not turn this into a chore or a struggle if you only want to read for 10 minutes or 20 minutes that’s enough, fantastic. It’s a starting point and that’s what you need to develop your reading habit. Also read what you love!

Don’t try to force yourself to read an article on sports if you have no interest in sports, if you love cooking read recipes or a food and cooking blog. This is meant to be a fun part of learning so keep it in your comfort zone to start with. Another tried and trusted method is to read graded readers or abridged books. These can help you ease your way into full on novels in English and also provide questions and exercises at the back of the book.

This is a great section to test yourself to see if you understand what you are reading. Now get out there and start reading! Have fun guys and remember English IT!

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