Perks of Pursuing an Online Programme from Singapore

Perks of Pursuing an Online Programme from Singapore

If Southeast Asia has ever featured in your travel itinerary, you will be familiar with Singapore. Renowned across the world for many reasons, the city-state boasts a world-class airport and has a reputation as an international business centre complimenting its cosmopolitan environment.

There are plenty of other reasons to study online in Singapore, including its reputation for being one of the safest cities in Asia and its well-structured urban planning.

What you might not know is that Singapore is also considered one of the most coveted study destinations in Asia and the rest of the world. Several of Singapore’s top universities regularly feature in the QS World Rankings for best academic institutions, an honour presented to a select few.

If you are interested in the prospect of studying abroad, Studying an online programme in Singapore can be worth your time and effort.

One of the Best Academic Destinations in the World

Improving educational facilities and infrastructure is a core priority for the Government of Singapore, which shows in its exemplary academic standards. Singapore truly provides a mature global outlook to its international students while allowing them to enjoy a high quality of life and revel in the latest tech developments.

Below are some of the top advantages of choosing a university in Singapore for your online studies.

1. Allows You to Forge Useful Connections Within Multiple Industries

Singapore is considered a leading business space for many industries including gastronomic sciences, IT, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Therefore, the industry connections you make can be useful throughout your career.

2. Enhances Your Perspective of a Multicultural Society

Universities in Singapore attract expatriates from different parts of the world, be it online or offline. This allows you to experience different cultures and ethnicities in a single space. 

Why Should You Choose to Study Online in Singapore?

In today’s digital age, it makes sense to fully embrace technology in all aspects of our lives, including education. In the 2021 Global Consumer Sentiment Survey, 78% of the participants considered choosing online courses over traditional, in-person courses.

The pandemic has renewed the emphasis on upskilling and reskilling and how online learning can be useful. Below are the top benefits of online learning from a recognised university in Singapore instead of attending on-campus classes.

  • Greater flexibility in organising your study schedule
  • Advance your career any time you want
  • Online programmes offer a wider range of subjects and specialisations
  • Balance part-time or full-time employment around your studies
  • Immediate access to coursework and study materials
  • Improve your time management skills
  • Exposure to operating in digital workspaces
  • Save on commuting and accommodation costs.

There are a plethora of well-established universities and reputable business schools in Singapore that offer online courses in different subjects. One university worth checking out is the London School of Business and Finance Singapore.

LSBF Singapore offers a multitude of programmes, diplomas and preparatory courses for professional qualifications. Most of these online courses in Singapore cater to industry-relevant specialisations like business management, finance, accounting, technology and hospitality management.

The LSBF Singapore campus is located in the central business district, which allows you to explore global companies and businesses established nearby.

Click here to check out the complete list of programmes that LSBF Singapore offers and enrol in a suitable course today.



This article was written by Sweha Hazari and edited by Olly Cox.

Suggested Programmes

Foundation Diploma

This foundation diploma has been developed as an initial qualification for students who have completed their O-Level and/or high school education, and are aiming to embark on a career in the business & IT industry.

Diploma in Information Technology

The Diploma in Information Technology (IT) provides students with the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to meet career opportunities in the IT industry.

Diploma in Data Analytics

The Diploma in Data Analytics has been developed to provide a qualification for students who are seeking to work in the Business Analytics Industry or in occupations where Big Data management will be of utility.

Higher Diploma in Computer Science

The Higher Diploma in Computer Science aims to achieve an international standard of high-quality training which will lead to a universally recognised qualification, enabling graduates to pursue a career in computer science or enrol in undergraduate programmes at a university.

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