What kind of computer science careers can you find in 2021?

What kind of computer science careers can you find in 2021?

Today, every aspect of our lives is dominated by computers - from our phones to the entertainment systems in our cars. Computer science has revolutionised technology across all domains and has enabled humankind to push the boundaries of science.

With artificial intelligence, robotics and the Internet-of-Things becoming mainstream, computer science professionals have become all the more integral to the advancement of technology.

According to surveys by Global Market Insights, the size of the international computer engineering market is expected to grow at a rate of 5% from 2017 to 2024.

All these trends point to one thing: there is no better time than now to invest in a computer science career. Being a computer science engineer can provide you with many interesting career options with promising pay prospects.

Read ahead to explore some common careers in computer science in Singapore and the rest of the world.

What can I do with a computer science degree?

An endless number of things! A computer science degree can provide broad expertise to explore roles in varied domains, from healthcare to investment banking. Here are a few interesting examples of jobs you can achieve with a computer science degree.

  • Software developer

Software developers are responsible for conceptualising and developing computer programmes designed to complete different operations. They sit with different clients to understand their business requirements and create software that fulfils them.

Experienced software developers are also tasked with creating detailed reports about bugs in the programme and possible ways to remove them. They also train and guide junior developers or freshers in the process.

Payscale.com reveals that the average salary for software developers in Singapore is around S$57,370.

  • Principal software engineer

A principal software engineer is usually a senior company official responsible for all the software development teams in the organisation. They ensure that the projects in hand are scaled efficiently and the application and maintenance standards are followed meticulously.

According to Payscale.com data, an average principal software engineer can earn an annual salary of S$106018.

  • Site reliability engineer

Site reliability engineers are in charge of developing computer systems or software that improve the reliability of the company website. They provide on-call support for bugs related to the website and collaborate with other teams to create performance-optimisation software.

Payscale.com suggests [SH4] that site reliability engineers can earn an average salary of S$8330 per month.

  • Cybersecurity consultant

Cybersecurity consultants are hired by companies to inspect the status of their cybersecurity measures and look for undetected loopholes. These consultants work with the in-house cybersecurity teams to create contingency plans for data breaches and suggest software or hardware changes that can fortify the security system in place.

Glassdoor.com data suggests that the national average salary for cybersecurity consultants in Singapore is about S$5050 per month.

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  • Development Operations (DevOps) engineer

Development operations or DevOps engineers create and maintain software that can manage the cloud infrastructure of the company. They also modify or create new software to maintain the company website and attend to any bugs that pose a risk to the system administration.

DevOps engineers in Singapore can earn around S$ 96224 per year as per reports from salaryexpert.com.

  • Cybersecurity engineer

Cybersecurity engineers create software that can protect sensitive company data and hardware from malicious attacks. They maintain the security of the company’s systems and networks and attend to different security incidents.

Erieri.com stipulates that the average salary range for cybersecurity engineers in Singapore can range between S$84969 to S$149678 per annum. This number is dependent on the level of qualification and experience of the candidate.

Other computer science careers include a database administrator, computer scientist, full-stack developer or game design engineer.

Pursuing a computer science degree can foster immense technical expertise and expose you to the computer science industry. You will acquire all the relevant soft and hard skills needed to succeed in a computer science position in the market.

Invest in a suitable computer science course today to brighten your career prospects in this industry. Learn more about diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate programmes in technology, computer science, cybersecurity and more at LSBF Singapore. 

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