“It’s scary to return to school after years of working.”

“It’s scary to return to school after years of working.”

After a long hiatus from student life, 23-year-old Rishpal Singh decided to take the bold step of returning to school. He shares his story with us.

Why did you decide to enter a finance-related field?

Rishpal: I didn’t do well for my GCE ‘O’ Levels, so I decided to start working at retail and F&B outlets after graduating from St. Gabriel’s Secondary School.

After completing my National Service, I received a good opportunity to work in sales and marketing at APCO Worldwide in Singapore for over a year. Thereafter, I tried out retail banking at Citibank. I discovered that the banking industry in Singapore is exciting and offers lucrative careers. That cemented my decision to pursue something finance-related.

What led you to pursue the Diploma in Accounting & Finance (DAF) at LSBF in Singapore?

Rishpal: I found out about the school from one of my relatives, who is pursuing her ACCA qualification here. After doing research about the school, I decided to approach one of the education consultants to find out more about ACCA.

However, since I had not been studying for several years and ACCA is known to be a challenging pursuit, I decided to try a different route with a DAF. This way, I would be able to ease into student life again, gain a qualification, and take my first step into accounting!

What do you find most useful in your programme?

Rishpal: The ‘Principles of Information System’ module is highly relevant in today’s context, as banks have become more technology-oriented in their systems and operations. Having knowledge of the basic functions of these systems can help me in the future.

What do you enjoy most about studying here?

Rishpal: The lecturers here are good in their explanations and incorporate exercises to ensure that we understand key concepts and materials. I also like that lessons are about three hours a day, allowing me more time to do revisions and pursue my hobbies.

What advice can you give to those who are thinking of studying again after an academic hiatus?

Rishpal: I know for many people out there, it can be really scary to return to school after years of working. I felt uncertain initially and asked myself if I would be able to cope and catch up with the rest of my younger classmates. But I realised that if you put your mind to it, you will be just fine. Although I was rather worried in my first semester, I managed to obtain a Distinction for one of my modules. I feel that as long as you stay focused and disciplined, your journey back in school will be smooth-sailing.

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