5 benefits of choosing a Master Business Administration of International Business

5 benefits of choosing a Master Business Administration of International Business

Businesses are increasingly being managed on an international scale and this trend is set to continue, which calls for professionals to possess a good grounding of global business operations.

With a degree in international business, especially in today’s interconnected society, you can understand global business operations in an international context, making you an expert at thinking on a global scale and resolving cross-cultural problems.

We will take you through the top advantages of undergoing a master’s in international business and the ways it can improve the performance of a business, operate in the ever-changing global marketplace, and overcome international challenges effectively.

What is international business?

International business is a newfound area of business administration that has an emphasis on long-term profit, gaining access to overseas markets, and beating competitors.

This unique area of business is focused on abiding by key business disciplines on a day-to-day basis by adding an international context to it, such as considering international markets and business climate.

Why choose an international business degree?

As the name indicates, international business programmes allow candidates to expand their knowledge on business management on an international level, including a dynamic model structure, taught from a global perspective.

Completing this degree will make you eligible to apply for job roles within multinational enterprises, where you can demonstrate your expertise in building relationships with foreign governments and analysing current economic activities based on the globalisation and localisation of a company.

5 benefits of studying an MBA in international business

The business world is observing a huge demand for individuals with a good grounding of the global markets, due to the huge growth of international business.

We are here to discuss how earning a master’s in international business can help you become fully equipped with the theoretical and practical knowledge to land lucrative opportunities in all kinds of industries.

1. Open the door to various careers in management

Earning a master’s degree in international business can prepare you for various managerial job profiles abroad across industries such as international accounting and finance, consultancy and marketing.

2. Develop key management skills

You can choose to venture into your entrepreneur interest, based on the essential management skills developed during the course. This includes: strategic thinking, delegation, organisation, presenting, reporting, decision making, communication, leadership and problem-solving.

3. Gain a competitive edge over other candidates

Opting for a postgraduate degree in international business can boost your employability by allowing you to shape your professional career in the best way possible. It will help you specialise in a wide range of business functions including human resources and corporate finance.

4. Gather international consulting experience before you graduate

Studying international business will make you proficient at analysing global business challenges and coming up with strategic solutions that can help you negotiate with people coming from other countries and cultures. As well as this, you will gain research in international markets.

5. Add relevant business skills and industry knowledge to your portfolio

As an international business graduate, you will learn to redesign business processes, manage diverse teams, research international computers and improve financial performance. This is considered the core element for the successful running of any company and is desirable trait for roles within international trade and foreign investments.

What are the skills required for an MBA in international business?

You can become a good candidate for understanding the international business model and strategy formulation if you possess the following abilities:

  •       Awareness of global markets and products
  •       A strategic mindset
  •       Keen observation skills
  •       Time management skills
  •       An interest in business and management
  •       Interpersonal skills
  •       Effective communication skills

What are the career opportunities for MBA international business graduates?

Choosing to study for an MBA degree in international business from Singapore can prove to be a launching pad for an exciting, global career ahead.

Let’s take a look at the top three international business employment options:

Management consultants - Also referred to as management analysts, these experts are accountable for identifying business-related issues and recommending possible solutions to the clients.

International trader - These professionals are also known as securities and commodities traders who deal with various matters related to global trade and investment opportunities, as well as offering consultancy and assessing clients’ financial abilities regularly.

Business development manager - the primary aim of this managerial role is to increase sales from existing accounts and establish new partnerships by combining marketing and sales techniques with strategic analysis.

London School of Business and Finance Singapore (LSBF SG) offers a Master of Business Administration in International Business that can help you prepare for international corporate life and gain the highest salary for managerial roles.

To learn the international business education requirements, check out the list of courses we offer on our website that can provide academic insight beyond just regular business education.


Popular career paths after MBA international business

The international business MBA programme in Singapore will allow you to play with different leadership styles that can allow you to choose between possible job titles such as business advisor, management consultant, product manager and human resources officer.

Why is an international MBA important?

This form of internationally focused education can not only enable you to pursue lucrative roles but take you around the world to manage business projects, providing you with complete know-how of the global business environment.

Suggested Programmes

MBA in International Business

Throughout the programme, you will develop your understanding of global strategy, international marketing, sustainability and international entrepreneurship.

MA in International Business

This MA programme will help you understand about international business strategy whilst developing your leadership, problem-solving and collaboration skills.

Postgraduate Diploma in Business

Focus on economics, business and business statistics in the postgraduate diploma to excel in your career or even progress onto an MBA programme.

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