What to do after ACCA?

What to do after ACCA?

Do you know what opportunities are available to you once you have gained an ACCA qualification?

You may be aware that completing an ACCA qualification comes with many possibilities as it is the most recognised and prestigious accountancy qualification in the world, setting a platform for a successful career.

But with a diverse range of employment options at hand, it may be quite overwhelming to know where to start.

Those who complete an ACCA qualification can choose many different directions to take their careers, from finance to law. The choice is yours.

Best options after completing ACCA

In order to feel more confident about the next steps after you have obtained great results on your ACCA papers, you must keep updated with the latest job openings within the accountancy and technology field.

This won’t only help you get closer to your preferred profession that is in demand, but also help you get an idea about the industry that you will be committing to.

Here’s a list of options available to you after you have qualified as an ACCA affiliate, so you can pick the area you want to specialise in and the roles that you can take up.

1. Continue with your education

In terms of further education, having an ACCA certificate can open doors to many possibilities for pursuing professional courses with advanced specialisms.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Opting for an MBA postgraduate degree from a reputable management institute is considered one of the best options to top-up your qualifications and enhance your expertise in business as an ACCA qualified professional.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Completing an ACCA course will help you delve into industry-relevant financial skills that can give your career a boost and makes it easier for you to qualify for the CFA examinations, as you are already ACCA qualified.

2. Start your own business

Besides devoting your time to relevant ACCA master's programmes, you can also channel your thoughts towards establishing your business or even working overseas as a freelancer.

Undergoing an ACCA preparatory course allows you to build a strong foundation for leading a brand of any size.

3. Finance careers to consider

Choosing to become self-employed suits some people but others may want to pursue working in an industry that they have always aspired to, where they will get the freedom to pick a role or a company that suits them.

Below are a few accounting career options that you may qualify for once you have passed the ACCA exams and are looking to make a fresh start.

Assistant Accountant (average annual salary S$48,925)

This role will allow you to grasp the majority of the tasks that the accounting sector has to offer, such as preparing financial statements, overseeing financial accounts, recording transactions, managing payments, and bookkeeping.

Tax Specialist (average annual salary S$87,250)

Besides preparing tax documents and abiding by the filing deadlines, this job role within the accounting division deals with providing advice related to the business plans to the company management of an accounting firm.

Auditor (average annual salary S$36,457)

The primary duties that come with this job role include analysing financial statements and helping investors and companies, such as banks, gain confidence in their brands, by undergoing regular audits to reduce financial risk and upgrade the company’s financial health.

Financial Accountant (average annual salary S$58,833)

This accounting position involves the creation of financial statements including balance sheets and cash flow and crafting reports for external parties such as investors, shareholders, creditors, and regulatory authorities.

4. Convert to law

Undergoing a law degree after gaining an ACCA qualification will help you work effectively in the corporate environment, as well as give you insights into today's business environment that ultimately takes you closer to mid or senior-level management positions within a company.

London School of Business and Finance Singapore (LSBF SG) offers a wide range of ACCA courses that can give you the best chance to succeed in your upcoming ACCA exams and provide quality support to you, right up to the day of the final examinations.

LSBF Singapore provides you with an interactive study plan and a practical approach to learning accountancy that will enable you to stay relevant with the happenings of the foreign markets.

Frequently Asked Questions on ACCA

How do you get an ACCA qualification?

To earn the ACCA membership, you must pass all the examinations, and the best way to go about it is by learning ACCA online or in person from Singapore, as universities here provide some of the best preparatory ACCA courses available.

How hard is it to study ACCA?

Enrolling in an ACCA online course from Singapore will help you understand the main concepts of accounting and build on your skills, which can be otherwise quite difficult to acquire if not taught by the right mentors.

Is ACCA a very expensive course?

Studying ACCA becomes quite affordable if you choose to study it online from Singapore, as you can save money on your travel and accommodation and take advantage of making payments via monthly installments that make it easier for you to juggle personal responsibilities with your education.

Suggested Programmes

Diploma in Accounting and Finance

This diploma will prepare you for a successful career in the financial sector. You will also learn about cost accounting, international business management, quantitative methods and much more.

Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Finance

Gain the key skills you need to start your career in finance. Alternatively, this diploma can be your first step towards a higher education qualification.

Higher Diploma in Accounting and Finance

This diploma, designed to help you achieve your academic and professional goals, focuses on complex financial subjects including taxation, auditing and business law.

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