7 tips for ACCA Exam Success

7 tips for ACCA Exam Success

Success in your ACCA qualification is your ticket to a bright future. To ensure you gain the results you need, you should be fully prepared to dedicate yourself to studying through a carefully curated study schedule.

Find out how you can get the most out of your ACCA exam with our ACCA exam tips!


1. Collect relevant resources

The amount of ACCA exam resources available at your fingertips is limitless. Select relevant material and compile it before sitting down to revise. One of your best assets is the ACCA past year paper. ACCA provides copies of past papers from the previous five years to help familiarise you with the question pattern. Make sure that you go through all the resources available on the ACCA website for thorough preparation. Technical articles are also a valuable resource, particularly for gaining in-depth information on accountancy topics. 


2. Plan a schedule

Making a schedule outlining when and what you’re going to study is vital. Prior to planning a timetable, it is essential that you familiarise yourself with the ACCA syllabus and structure. This will help you understand which topics are harder to understand and require deeper research. It will also help you segregate the curriculum based on what is relevant and what can be done easily. Designing a schedule after acquiring all the information will allow you to plan your hours with more specification. 


3. Study everyday

The tough part about making a schedule is sticking to it. Therefore, you need to make sure that you study for a few hours every day. ACCA self-study requires dedication which can only happen when you develop a habit of revising daily. If you are a working professional, then the discipline of dedicating crucial ACCA self-study hours becomes all the more pivotal.  


4. Objective approach

The more systematised your study pattern, the better you will be able to cover all the important topics. Give your revision a proper flow by selecting specific daily or weekly targets and make sure that you cover them on time. This will give traction to your studies as ACCA exam resources are vast and covering them all is not easy. 


5. Group learning

Studying on your own can often get monotonous and so it’s good to get your friends or peers involved in the process. Form a small group either through sources or other mediums and discuss topics with them. This will make your ACCA revision more interactive and give you a different perspective on each subject. It will also inspire you to put more efforts into your daily learning. 


6. Practice 

Proficiency only comes with practice. Remember this when preparing for your ACCA papers. To achieve great results, practice as many questions as you can. By continuously revising and completing ACCA past papers, you will learn the method for tackling each style of question, preparing you for your exam.


7. Sleep well 

Overtaxing your mind and body is a big risk. Ensure you get proper rest and avoid any last-minute cramming before the big day. Instead, focus on the subjects you have covered and complete a few practice questions to get in the right frame of mind. Additionally, you should ensure that you don’t stay up all night revising. This will give your brain a much-needed rest and help you stay fresh.

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