ACCA MA Management Accounting paper
(formerly F2)

The ACCA Management Accounting paper will help you understand the various accounting techniques available to support the management of planning, controlling, and performance monitoring across a variety of business areas. You will then be able to use this knowledge to influence the decision-making process within your firm.

Management Accounting

Exam Structure

The Management Accounting online exam is made up of 2 sections – A and B. Section A has 35 questions, worth 2 marks each and Section B has 3 multi-task questions (MTQs) worth 10 marks each. Each of these 3 questions will focus on a different syllabus area - budgeting, standard costing and performance measurement.

Paper syllabus​

This module will ensure learners understand the importance of management information as well as the source and nature of this. You will also learn how to incorporate statistical techniques into your work to analyse data and communicate it effectively.

Learners will also consider costing techniques so you’re able to prepare and use budgets, standard costing and variance analysis to measure and monitor the performance of your firm.

Daytime sessions run between 9.45am-1.15pm.

Afternoon sessions run between 2.00pm-5.30pm.

Evening sessions run between 6.45pm-10.15pm.

You can prepare for this paper on-campus or online. If you opt to study on-campus, you will study at our GB Building campus, in central Singapore.

  • Explain the source and purpose of management information
  • Analyse and communicate data effectively
  • Incorporate statistical and costing techniques in your work
  • Prepare budgets, compare costs and performance across different business divisions

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