ACCA AFM Advanced Financial Management
(formerly P4)

While preparing for the Advanced Financial Management paper, you will build your advisory skills by learning how to instruct management and clients on difficult strategic financial management skills within their organisations. You will develop your understanding of a business brief and be able to come up with solutions and methodical approaches to meeting a business’s objectives.

Advanced Financial Management

Exam Structure

The paper-based exam will be divided into two sections:

  • Section A: This section is made up of a 50-mark case study in which you will need to produce a business document. This might include a report of a briefing document that can be used by a board of directors.
  • Section B: This section is made up of two 25-mark questions. They will be scenario-based and will require you to perform calculations and construct narrative answers.

Paper syllabus​

The Advanced Financial Management syllabus is made up of five sections.

Role of senior financial adviser in the multinational organisation – You will develop your understanding of the role of senior financial executives/advisors as well as ethical and governance issues. You will also build your knowledge of strategic business and financial planning for large-scale organisations.

Advance investment appraisal – You will learn about discounted cash flow techniques, how option pricing theory is applied in investment decisions as well as about valuation and the use of free cash flows.

Acquisitions and mergers – You will become familiar with acquisitions and mergers in terms of valuations, regulatory frameworks and processes as well as how these are financed.

Corporate reconstruction and reorganisation - You will consider financial reconstruction and business reorganisation.

Treasury and advanced risk management techniques - You will develop your understanding of the role of the treasury function in multinationals as well as the use of financial derivatives to hedge against forex risk.

Daytime sessions run between 9.45am-1.15pm.

Afternoon sessions run between 2.00pm-5.30pm.

Evening sessions run between 6.45pm-10.15pm.

If you would like to fit your ACCA studies around your personal schedule, please note that LSBF Singapore gives you the opportunity to study online.

Alternatively, you can also decide to study this ACCA paper at our GB Building campus, you will study in the busy financial district of Singapore.

By the time you have completed the ACCA AFM you will be able to:

  • Explain and evaluate the roles and responsibilities of senior financial executives or advisors
  • Evaluate potential investment decisions and assess the strategic and financial consequences
  • Plan acquisitions and mergers as a growth strategy for a business
  • Impart advice on alternative corporate re-organisation strategies
  • Apply alternative advanced treasury and risk management techniques

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