Preparatory Course in English (PCE)

Preparatory Course in English (PCE) is designed to help students who have some fluency in using English but may have little confidence in using English academically. The course focuses on equipping students to be fluent and confident in using English, to the end that they can progress to tertiary courses taught in LSBF.

Preparatory Course in English

Key facts

  • Duration: 12 months (each level is two months)
  • Intake dates: Start every month
  • Delivery Mode:
    • Live Online
    • Blended 
  • Fees: SGD $2,247 per Level (inclusive of GST)

Students will build a solid foundation in speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as grammar, structure and vocabulary. Preparatory English and Academic English are the key themes of this course.

At the end of the course, students can expect to achieve a level of confidence and expertise in using English in an academic environment and in public.

Preparatory Course in English (PCE) is designed for students who want to learn English in Singapore, regardless of their current language level. Our experienced tutors will provide our students with a well-rounded blend of general, academic and professional English, making the programme particularly relevent if they aspire to work or study further in an English-speaking country. 

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Student will be assessed through the various components relevant to each level.  Students will be assessed on their speaking, writing, listening, vocabulary, grammar and reading.  In addition to the summative assessment, students will receive feedback through the use of formative assessments which may include, in class activities (tests, quizzes, presentations, written work, computer based activities, individual and group work, field trips, homework and individual assignments).

PCE Levels No. of formals assessments Weighting
Beginners 2 50% each
Elementary 2 50% each
Pre-Intermediate 2 50% each
Intermediate 2 50% each
Upper Intermediate 2 50% each
Advanced 2 50% each

PCE will have weekly vocabulary quizzes which cumulatively represent 10% of the student's final grade. 

PCE Beginners Vocabulary Quizzes represent 20% of the final grade. This is due to level's added material and time devoted to building up the student's repertoire of English vocabulary. 

Each module will have a speaking assessment which represents 20% of the final grade. These are pair-speaking activities where students will be assessed on fluency, accuracy, and their demonstrated usage of various communicative skills and strategies. 

Elementary and above modules will have 3 Reading Quizzes which cumulatively will represent 20% of the final grade. These quizzes will assess the student’s ability to understand the main idea as well as subtext within the piece.

The remaining scores will be determined by the monthly test which will have the following components:

  • Grammar, syntax, and verb conjugation with various tenses
  • Essay
  • 2 Listening prompts
PCE Levels Assessments Weighting

Vocabulary Quizzes (3): 20%

Speaking Assessment (1): 20%

Monthly Test (1): 60%


Vocabulary Quizzes (3): 10%

Reading Quizzes (3): 20%

Speaking Assessment (1): 20%

Monthly Test (1): 50%


Vocabulary Quizzes (3): 10%

Reading Quizzes (3): 20%

Speaking Assessment (1): 20%

Monthly Test (1): 50%


Vocabulary Quizzes (3): 10%

Reading Quizzes (3): 20%

Speaking Assessment (1): 20%

Monthly Test (1): 50%

Upper Intermediate


Vocabulary Quizzes (3): 10%

Reading Quizzes (3): 20%

Speaking Assessment (1): 20%

Monthly Test (1): 50%


Vocabulary Quizzes (3): 10%

Reading Quizzes (3): 20%

Speaking Assessment (1): 20%

Monthly Test (1): 50%

Student needs an overall passing mark in order to proceed to the next level. The passing grade is set at 50%. All the grades awarded will be reviewed and confirmed through the Internal Examination Board and this decision is final and not subject to appeal. London School of Business & Finance also reserves the right to bar students from taking the examination if student fails to achieve the minimum attendance rate stipulated by the school.

The programme is delivered via lectures and occasional field trips.

Upon completion of the programme, students will receive a Certificate of Achievement awarded by LSBF.

Upon completion of our Preparatory Course in English, students will have the language skills they need to live, study, and work in any English-speaking environment.

30 students : 1 teacher

Levels with more than twenty students may be assigned a co-teacher or teacher’s assistant for added learning support and/or differentiated instruction.

Students planning to pursue the tertiary pathway in the English medium. These would include those in the field of business management, marketing, international business, accountancy, finance, design and technology management.

Admission Requirement

The Preparatory Course in English programme is offered to both *local (Singaporean) and foreign students. All potential students are required to sit for a placement test to ascertain their proficiency levels before admittance into any of these courses.

To enter the course, students should have:

  • IELTS 5.5 or
  • An equivalent English Language Qualification or
  • Completed LSBF PCE Upper Intermediate (or equivalent) or
  • Achieved a satisfactory score on the LSBF placement test
The minimum age to join the IELTS preparatory course is 16 years.

Placement Test

The Internal and External English Placement Tests assess students on multiple linguistic areas and allow the school to reliably gauge their communicative abilities. A placement test is administered before enrolment into the respective level of study. Students will be tested on writing and reading skills as well as grammatical knowledge at an authorized representative centre. An interview with the student will also be conducted to test student’s oral and listening skills, through either video conferencing, teleconferencing, other media, or face to face. Student will be informed after the above tests are completed and finalized which level they qualify. 

Minimum Language Requirement

CEFR Score EPT Score IELTS Band Preparatory
English Entry
duration of study
including term break
A1 <30 <2 Beginner 8 Weeks
A1-A2 30-39 2.0-3.0 Elementary 8 Weeks
A2-B1 40-49 3.0-4.0 Pre-Intermediate 8 Weeks
B1-B2 50-64 4.0-5.0 Intermediate 8 Weeks
B2+ 65-79 5.0-6.0 Upper-Intermediate 8 Weeks
C1 80-90 6.0-7.0 Advanced 8 Weeks


Structured speaking tasks include interview, mini-talks, problem-solving and storytelling

  • short extracts and mini-dialogues to introduce and practice and practice new language
  • words and sentences for close listening and to model pronunciation
  • longer texts (interviews, songs, stories and conversations)

There is also a strong emphasis on speaking

  • Practice of grammar and lexis is through oral exercises and activities
  • Topics and reading texts in each module provide opportunities for follow-up discussion
  • Regular integrated work on pronunciation

Wide range of reading materials including factual/scientific texts, stories, quizzes, forms, notes and emails. These texts are integrated in a number of different ways:

  • extended texts specifically to develop reading skills
  • texts which lead into grammar work and language analysis
  • texts which provide a model or stimulus for tasks and a model writing activities.

Systematic work on writing skills is developed through:

  • Regular writing sections which focus on writing e-mails and letters, composing narratives and reviews, drafting and redrafting, achieving greater texual cohesion through linking words, etc.
  • written follow-up sections to many of the speaking tasks

Pronunciation work is integrated with grammar and lexis. The focus is mainly on stress, weak forms and intonation, while the Workbook focus on problem sounds and word stress. A range of activity type are used, including discrimination exercises and dictation, and an equal emphasis is placed on understanding and reproducing.

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