7 Fun Jobs You Can Pursue as a Hospitality & Tourism Graduate

7 Fun Jobs You Can Pursue as a Hospitality & Tourism Graduate

The hospitality and tourism industry may be commonly associated with hotels, but did you know that it encompasses a variety of other unique jobs? We explore seven different professions you can consider pursuing as a hospitality and tourism graduate.

01Theme Park

1) Theme Park Crew

Theme parks are a source of joy and fun for people around the world, and it’s all thanks to the hardworking employees who keep it running day in and day out. Whether you’re a host, ride technician, or visitor service attendant, your role will see you directly contributing to the smooth operations of the park and the overall guest experience. And let’s not forget the many perks that come with working in a theme park – you’ll get to hop on the rides for free after your shift!

2) Wedding Planner


Weddings are a beautiful affair, but planning for one isn’t always a walk in a park. Many soon-to-be newlyweds hire wedding planners to help organise and prepare for their big day. Wedding planners take care of everything – from booking venues to settling food and flower arrangements – so a high level of meticulousness and organisational skills are essential in this role.

02Wedding Planner
03Tour Guide

3) Tour Guide

If you know the ins and outs of your country and enjoy bringing your friends around town, a tour guide job might be right up your alley. Besides possessing in-depth knowledge on specific locations, tour guides should be eloquent and confident in order to engage their audience. Tour guides are employed across many hot spots, such as zoos, nature trails, and heritage sites. 

4) Adventure Crew

Attractions such as Sentosa and Singapore Sports Hub are home to a slew of thrilling activities. From high element obstacle courses to zip-lines, adventure crew members supervise these activities to ensure that participants can have fun safely. Such jobs are suitable for outdoor enthusiasts and outgoing personalities!

04Adventure Crew
05Museum Host

5) Museum Host


Also known as guest relations agents, museum hosts engage with visitors and assist them with enquiries and information. They also ensure that artefacts are safeguarded and areas within the museum are kept clean. The advantage of working in a museum is that you’ll get first dibs on the latest exhibitions – the perfect opportunity to snap Instagram-worthy photos before anyone else!

6) Resort Ambassador

Ever dreamed of waking up to the crystal clear waters in Bali or Phuket every day? Working in a resort could be your ticket to fulfilling that fantasy! While a resort job might entail long hours, you’ll have the opportunity to work in an upscale environment and enjoy the resort’s facilities and food. You can choose to work in a range of departments, such as food and guest services, concierge, or maintenance.

06Resort Ambassador
07Entertainment Coordinator

7) Entertainment Coordinator

Want to rock out to your favourite bands and attend artsy festivals on the job? As an entertainment coordinator, you’ll get to do just that. Entertainment coordinators have a hand in planning, supporting, and setting up special events such as concerts and festivals. The job can be physically demanding and you may often be on your feet, but the reward of seeing an event come to life is well worth the hard work.

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