Why is a bachelor’s degree so important?

Why is a bachelor’s degree so important?

Gaining a degree is an important milestone in a student’s life as it usually considered the first step towards starting their professional career. It is a qualification which will provide better opportunities for you to succeed in your chosen field, earn a better salary and pursue more reputed job roles. The benefits of a bachelor’s degree are endless and it is therefore important to pick a course best suited to your skills and interests.

If you are unsure about pursuing further studies and want to understand the importance of a college degree, then read on. 


What is a bachelor’s degree?

bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate course studied over the span of three to four years. The duration of study is divided into semesters and you earn credits which are based on your performance in coursework and exams. With the right grades, students can move from one year to the next and earn an accredited bachelor’s degree after the final assessment.

Each university has its own criteria on credit division per semester and the required pass marks for graduation. This also varies in terms of the program and its duration. Many standard degree courses cover general subject areas, such as history and English, which are applicable to a vast field of professions. Other degree courses can be focused on a more specialized subject area and directed towards a certain career, such as law or medicine.  

Students who enroll in a bachelor’s program have to choose different areas of specialization within the subject. These are called modules. For instance, a degree in accountancy will have accounting as the core subject and related topics such as assurance and statistics. To earn a bachelor’s degree, you are required to complete a certain number of core and elective modules throughout the duration of the course. 


Why study a bachelor’s degree? 

In most cases, you will need to study a degree program in order to enter into the professional world. It is your ticket to a stable career, offering a strong foundational knowledge of a particular field and skillsets which can be applied directly to the workplace.

If you are planning to attend a professional graduate school, then a bachelor’s degree is also crucial. Without it, you usually won’t be able to progress in areas such as law, medicine and economics. A bachelor’s degree is also the first step towards getting a master’s degree which can significantly improve your career prospects.


What are the requirements for a bachelor’s degree? 

Students start studying for a degree after completing their high school or Diploma education. The subjects they study during the final school years are often groundwork for their future degree choices. After choosing a course and university of your preference, you have to submit the necessary documents and paperwork, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Application and fee
  • Official high school or Diploma transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Supplemental essay
  • College entrance exam score

Please note, the above requirements may differ according to the institution you want to apply to. Check out our undergraduate courses to find out if you meet our requirements.


What are the study options to acquire a degree?

The continuing evolution of technology has allowed students to find non-traditional ways to pursue their degree. As some students may struggle to study for their degree on campus, elements of online learning and blended education are ideal alternative study options to consider. These are more flexible learning methods which allow you to study from the comfort of home or combine the classroom-based learning with off-campus learning.

Blended learning allows you to overcome any geographical constraints you may face for getting a degree. You can also enjoy the flexibility of balancing work and study commitments as lessons become available to students at any time, even if they cannot attend a class physically.

A college degree is a great way to kickstart your professional career. If you are looking for the right bachelor’s degree, London School of Business and Finance in Singapore offers different study options in a wide range of undergraduate courses as well as pathways towards a bachelor’s degree. Contact us to find out more and start your journey to success today!


This article is written by Nandita Kaushal and edited by Amelia Hayward-Cole.

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