Why Choose a Diploma in Business Administration: Career Prospects and Opportunities

Why Choose a Diploma in Business Administration: Career Prospects and Opportunities

Are you looking for a course that can help launch your business career within 12 months?

If so, a Diploma in Business Administration can be a great choice.

While standard educational routes like a bachelor’s degree or certificate courses are always an option, enrolling in a strategic programme like the Diploma in Business Administration can streamline your journey and help you reach your goal faster.

So how can a Business Administration Diploma help you achieve your goals?

  • For starters, this diploma can be pursued as an online course and is suitable for working professionals.
  • You can finish this course within 9 months.
  • You can obtain key insights and understandings of how the industry functions immediately after high school, providing you with clear insight into what a career in business can look like.
  • The course fees for an online Diploma in Business Administration are much cheaper than traditional business degrees like Bachelor’s of Business Administration(BBA) or Bachelor of Science(BSc) degrees.

This article will help you understand the benefits of this course, why you should choose a diploma in business administration, how it can help you have a successful career and the strategic business skills you can gain.

What is a Diploma in Business Administration?

A diploma in business administration is a 9-12 month undergraduate programme that helps you understand the following:

  1. Business communication
  2. International business management
  3. Principles of accounting
  4. Principles of economics
  5. Data analytics
  6. Principles of management
  7. Principles of marketing
  8. Quantitative methods for data-driven decision making

Some of the best diplomas in business administration help you apply your theoretical knowledge to practical use with the help of case studies, competitions, industrial visits and other activities.

What is the role of Business Administration?

First, let’s answer this question: What is business administration?

Business administration is the efforts a person or an organisation takes to run and maintain a business. Business administration often involves financial aspects of the business with efforts to maximise systems and processes that help gain profits and accomplish the vision and mission of the established business body.

As a business administrator, you would seek to run your business in a profitable way while also being hospitable and safe for those who work under you.

What are the Benefits of Gaining a Diploma in Business Administration?

  • Increased Earning Potential: Studies show that individuals with a business administration diploma can earn more than those without one.

In Singapore, when you sign up for a diploma in business administration from a recognised institute, you may have many opportunities for employment once you graduate. For instance, the London School of Business and Finance, in Singapore (LSBF SG Campus) is a worthy consideration as the school is partnered with reputed industry members and education partners who can open various employment opportunities for you.

  • Career Advancement: A diploma equips you with valuable business skills, potentially leading to promotions and management positions within your current company. You can ensure you are on this path by choosing the right diploma programme from a reputed school or education provider. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average salary of business degree holders is around USD 65,000. (BLS)
  • Versatility: This diploma qualifies you for various roles in diverse industries, offering greater job flexibility. You can learn many skills that you can employ in various sectors like hospitality and tourism, medicine and pharmaceuticals, software and technology, marketing, and so much more.

What Jobs Can you get with a Diploma in Business Administration?

  • Entry-level Positions: This includes management trainee, administrative assistant, marketing associate, customer service representative and many more roles.

These entry-level positions can help you acquire first-hand business experience. With good performance and increasing industry knowledge, you can obtain employment for higher-level job roles in business.

  • Technical Roles: Some technical roles include bookkeeper, accounting technician or human resources assistant. Technical roles also tend to pay more compared to generic business administration roles. If you have interest in a niche and would like to specialise in it, you can do so in your business administration diploma course.
  • Sales Positions: Sales positions include sales associate, business development representative, account manager and more. If you have a talent for sales and conversion, a diploma in business administration can be the catalyst that fires this lucrative career path for you.

Sales executives can draw attractive salaries, much higher than other business executives, depending on their capability to acquire customers. This is worth considering if you have a talent for sales.

What Career Paths are Available after a Diploma in Business Administration?

  • Continue Your Education: Pursue a bachelor's degree in business administration or a specialised field. You can also opt for an advanced diploma in your chosen specialisation. An advanced diploma in business administration from a reputed institute can be on par with a degree in business administration.
  • Specialise in a Specific Area: You can specialise in an area such as marketing, finance, human resources or operations management. This is perhaps the most important aspect to consider after your diploma. A diploma in business administration may provide you with knowledge of the fundamentals of business, however, to truly stand out in the industry, you may want to consider choosing a specialisation.
  • Start Your Own Business: The skills and knowledge gained can be applied to launching and managing your venture. If you are confident of your capabilities and have a solid business plan and career map laid out, you can even consider starting your own business. A diploma in business administration can help you understand the nuances of handling and running a business.

Consider enrolling on the Diploma in Business Administration from LSBF SG Campus to train you in the latest industry tools and techniques, and provide you with career placement services and networking opportunities.

LSBF Singapore Campus has won many awards under various categories for being a high-quality education provider. The school is also certified by EduTrust, a reputed quality assurance programme for private education providers in Singapore.

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A blog post written by Rebecca Paulraj and edited by Candice McDowell.



Which business diploma is best?

It depends on your career goals and interests. Research programmes that align with your aspirations. While there is no right and wrong choice when it comes to diploma programmes in business administration, some of the best diploma courses will offer you industry-specific training, knowledge, and career placement services. A good diploma in business administration will also employ industry experts as faculty, so these are a few things to watch out for.

Is business administration a good career?

Business administration offers diverse career paths and good earning potential, making it a strong career choice. As per recent studies, business administration graduates are in demand in our rapidly changing business field. With the advent of AI and other disruptive technologies, business administration graduates with a penchant for handling transitions are in high demand in the marketplace. (GMAC)

 Is a diploma in business worth the money?

Yes, but always consider the cost of the programme, potential salary increases, and your career goals.Ideally, a Diploma in Business Administration can be a worthwhile investment for career advancement and increased earning potential.



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