Why are People Interested in Studying Part-Time Courses in Singapore?

Why are People Interested in Studying Part-Time Courses in Singapore?

In Singapore, universities delivering top-quality part-time courses are popular across the world for the ability to nurture students’ creativity, entrepreneurial zeal, and innovative thought processes. Singapore universities achieve this with the help of modern educational technology, learning tools, and research facilities that have been installed for you!

But what is the actual need for part-time studies? Well, for many professional aspirants thinking about returning to school to upskill or learn a different trade is very common. Some consider it advantageous because of the flexibility it has to offer, such as the chance to attend classes during the weekends or work hours.

Singapore offers a wide array of part-time courses that can help you upgrade your knowledge and skills, without having to compromise your personal or professional responsibilities. Keep reading to find out why you should study a part-time degree in Singapore and the different ways this can help you keep pace with changing industry demands.

What Types of Part-Time Courses are Available in Singapore?

Part-time courses in Singapore come in all forms and model structures, from online and hybrid modes to on-campus learning. There is also a diverse range of qualifications that you can earn by completing part-time degrees in Singapore. These include:

  •         Short term certifications
  •         Diploma programmes
  •         Undergraduate degrees
  •         Post-graduate degrees
  •         Executive education courses
  •         Professional qualifications
  •         Language studies
  •         Chinese programmes
  •         SSG/WSQ funded courses

How is the Education Process in Singapore?

Singapore is home to some of the most internationally renowned universities there are. The universities offer a range of education programmes to international and local candidates. Part-time courses in Singapore are tailor-made and dedicated to catering to the needs of international candidates, who are often young professionals or experts in their industrial sectors.

Singapore's education system teaches a broad-based curriculum for part-time degrees, which is designed to help strengthen your existing skills, in addition to helping you become proficient in the globally accepted English language. Having evolved from the traditional British-based education system, over the years, universities in Singapore have been curating their part-time programmes that focus on individual students’ talent.

What are the Benefits of Studying Part-Time Courses in Singapore?

Part-time courses in Singapore are integrated with work-study arrangements, which offer the flexibility to switch between your studies and employment tasks according to your convenience. Here’s a list of the primary reasons why you should study in Singapore part-time.

  1. Apply Your Skills in Real-Life Situations

Opting to study part-time degrees in Singapore can help you develop critical thinking abilities and acquire a better understanding of the academic field that you’re passionate about. This will help you resonate with the practical responsibilities in tune with the core concepts taught in class, transforming you into the ultimate professional.

  1. Meet people from all walks of life

Pursuing part-time courses in Singapore will help you interact with people across many age groups, cultural backgrounds, and professional interests. This can not only help you develop innovative insights and thought-provoking perspectives, but also help you re-enter the workforce with a strong outlook.

  1. Acquire Interpersonal Skills

Choosing part-time degrees in Singapore can allow you to become more employable in the business markets, by allowing you to demonstrate in-demand soft skills that are typically considered to be a crucial differentiating factor during interviews. Besides, you will get the opportunity to manage your time effectively and leverage problem-solving and leadership qualities to excel in your personal and professional life!

  1. It Will Not Drain Out Your Finances

Part-time courses in Singapore are much more affordable than full-time traditional programmes, this can reduce the need to take out a student loan as it gives you the opportunity to draw a steady income while you study, by working full time. Moreover, part-time degrees in Singapore come with a 50% reduction in tuition fees because of the negligible overhead costs associated, as well as leaving nothing to worry about costs related to accommodation and relocation to a different country.


Choosing the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF SG) to study part-time degree courses, can help you achieve the aforementioned benefits of studying in Singapore, right from the comfort of your home. The technical skills gained throughout the course curriculum can be applied to real-time jobs, almost immediately!


This article was written by Deblina Dam


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