What to do with a diploma in law?

What to do with a diploma in law?

Being one of the most prestigious careers, law degrees are popular across the world as it paves the way to becoming a lawyer and is considered to many the initial step towards the fulfillment of your professional dreams.

Law diplomas include uniquely structured coursework that can be completed either by studying part-time or full time and enables you to start your law career almost immediately after graduation.

This versatile professional qualification does not restrict you within the field of law but allows you to find employment in any industrial sector that you are interested in, for example, technology, media, or public policy.

Besides making you an expert at advising and representing individuals, businesses, and government agencies on legal disputes and issues, a diploma in law programme taught in Singapore is tailor-made to help you find corporate job profiles within private or public businesses.

What can you do with a diploma in law?

Earning a diploma in law from Singapore will put you straight on the path to the legal profession and you may want to shadow a judge to gain a deeper insight into the legal practices and the operations of the law.

According to recent data published in the occupational outlook handbook of the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the employment of lawyers is expected to grow by 9% by 2030, which combines all occupations.

As a law graduate, you can make career choices as the opportunities arise and even opt for job roles outside of law firms.

You can find employers in banking, public services administration, accountancy, or any other business sector, as well as the option to apply for higher educational studies in the field of business or law if you want to take your career to the next level.

7 careers to pursue after a law diploma

In order to acquire the relevant work experience and demonstrate legal skills that are sought after by employers, you must apply for early-stage professions before you take up a permanent law job at a business firm.

Here’s a list of law Society careers that you can choose from after qualifying for a diploma in law from Singapore: 

1. Legal advisor

This profession requires you to give advice to clients on legal obligations and rights, defending them by leveraging carefully structured procedures and tactics and going through previous judgments passed. 

2. Journalist

Becoming a journalist is an exciting career path that you can access with a law diploma. It requires you to be excellent with your communication skills and detail-oriented at all times while being part of the international media. 

3. Forensic computer analyst

These legal experts investigate computer-related crimes including online scams and fraud, use of illegal images, terrorist communication and hacking, where handling a range of specialised software and techniques is a requirement.

4. Political risk analyst

To land this job role you are required to be a specialist in examining issues such as government stability and governance, crime levels, human rights issues and economic conditions. 

5. Oath commissioner

This profession puts you in charge of reading out a note during a court hearing and making sure that an individual swears by an appropriate affidavit, the contents of which are fully understood. 

6. Licensed conveyancer

Also referred to as a property lawyer, you must possess the right knowledge to research the given information and communicate with clients regarding sales contracts such as mortgage funds. 

7. Paralegal

This is a job role that prepares you to become a solicitor in the foreseeable future and makes you accountable for leveraging your understanding of the law regarding employment, litigation, dispute resolution advocacy, crime, and administration of estates.

What are the skills required for law careers?

Opting for a diploma in law can help you build a strong foundation in law to smoothly enter the legal profession.

We have gathered a range of skills that can help you find legal careers in Singapore and across the globe:

  •       Critical judgment and reasoning abilities
  •       Problem-solving and lateral thinking abilities
  •       Analytical and evaluation skills
  •       The ability to write concisely
  •       Persuasive and confident oral communication skills
  •       Verbal questioning and researching skills
  •       The ability to interpret and explain complex information clearly
  •       The ability to draft formal documents precisely
  •       Attention to detail

Key areas of employment for fresh law graduates

When you gain a law diploma, you can choose to become a barrister and remain self-employed or even get hired by legal professional employers such as the government legal service, corporate firms, prosecution services, or investment banking.

Upgrade your professional legal experience today by applying for any of the wide range ofpostgraduate law programmes that the London School of Business and Finance Singapore (LSBF SG) has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions on Diploma in Law

How do you gain work experience after studying law?

The best way to obtain good professional experience is to apply for internships and apprenticeships during your search for placements to get an idea about how the real-time law industry works.

What do law graduates do?

The typical responsibilities that you will be assigned as a fresh law graduate include, writing reports, taking witness statements, attending meetings with experts, executing office administration tasks, and conducting legal research.

Who are some of the famous people with law degrees?

There are plenty of renowned individuals who have gone on to become household names with a background in law, such as Nelson Mandela, Michelle Obama, and Gerard Butler.

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