3 Reasons Victoria University is Awesome

3 Reasons Victoria University is Awesome

Apart from being the birthplace of swoon-worthy actor Chris Hemsworth, Melbourne, Australia is home to some remarkable universities.

With over a century of history, Victoria University (VU) has established itself as a world-class education institution which produces over 15,500 graduates each year.

We list three things we love about our long-standing university partner VU.

Globally Recognised

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VU has made its mark on the global map, ranking in the top 2% of universities worldwide in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2018. This ranking is the only performance assessment to evaluate universities worldwide across their core missions of teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook.

On top of that, VU continues to climb in the global rankings for universities aged under 50 and is now 53rd in the Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2018. VU is also ninth among Australia’s 22 young universities.

In the Asia Pacific, VU also ranked 55th out of over 200 institutions in the inaugural Times Higher Education Asia-Pacific University Rankings 2017.

Simply put, a VU qualification is a symbol of quality and one that is recognised across the globe. This can put you in good stead for your future career, no matter where you plant your feet in the world.

Endorsed by the Industry 

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One of the best ways to determine the credibility of a programme or institution is by looking at its professional accreditations and endorsements.

VU’s programmes have several industry accreditations. For instance, VU’s Accounting major is accredited by CPA Australia and Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia while its Supply Chain and Logistics Management major is accredited by Charted Institute of Logistics and Transport.

These programmes must pass stringent assessment criteria outlined by the relevant professional bodies and as such, accreditations are known to be a symbol of quality and excellence.

Impact of Alumni and Academics

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VU has produced many outstanding graduates through the years, such as Business alumni Halinka Panzera, who is a corporate strategist, thought leader, author and entrepreneur with two start-ups to her name. Additionally, she has mentored over 100 VU students since 2001 and accepts up to six students in her internship programme each year.

VU is also home to many accomplished academics like Professor Peng Shi, who has been recognised as the world leading researcher in electrical and electronic engineering from 2014 to 2017 by Times Higher Education.

Just like LSBF’s focus on the impact our students, faculty, and alumni have in the region, VU takes pride in nurturing brilliant minds who can make a difference in the world.

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