Top 10 Full-time or Part-time Diploma Courses in Singapore

Top 10 Full-time or Part-time Diploma Courses in Singapore

Obtaining a diploma from an international institution is one of the best ways to boost your CV and expand your job prospects around the world.

In this blog post, we outline some of the best diploma courses in Singapore that you can pursue and acquire relevant skill sets in order to succeed in your chosen field.

Introduction to diploma courses

A diploma is a qualification that testifies to the completion of a particular course at a higher education institution.

It differs from traditional degree programmes due to the shorter time duration required to complete the course and the unique specialisations that students can choose from in order to hone their skills for a particular career path.

Why are diploma courses on demand?

Diploma programmes have gained popularity over recent years due to their more affordable price and condensed course curriculum.

The industry-tailored module structures of diplomas taught in Singapore have made it a popular choice for international students. Offered by world-class universities, diploma programmes are probably the best academic route to choose in order to experience quality education with flexible integrated to its core.

Top 10 diploma courses in Singapore - part time/ full time

1. Foundation Diploma in Business Studies (part time and full time)

This diploma programme is designed to provide students with broad knowledge on topics including global issues related to entrepreneurship and major fields of businesses, from finance to human resources.

2. Diploma in Banking and Finance (part time and full time)

Diplomas offered in Singapore in this subject area teach aspiring financial professionals the tools and academic knowledge needed to navigate an ever-changing global economy.

3. Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Finance (part time and full time)

Earning this diploma will help you demonstrate your understanding of the underlying academic principles and concepts in finance and accounting, along with deeper insights into the dynamics of international business processes and managerial accounting statistics.

4. Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management (part time)

This is a travel, tourism and hospitality management based part-time diploma programme that provides you with hands-on training needed for aspiring managers in this field,  

5. Higher Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management (full time)

This diploma programme in hospitality and tourism management focus on areas such as accommodation and administrative arrangements for guests, as well as providing insights into the responsibilities associated with various roles within the services sector.

6. Higher Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (full time)

Through this full-time diploma course, you'll acquire the managerial tools and qualitative analysis knowledge to help you embark upon a successful career in a wide range of industries.

7. Diploma in Law (part time and full time)

This part-time diploma programme is aimed at students who aspire to be part of the legal industry, with the qualification being the first step in kickstarting a diverse career.

8. Diploma in Data Analytics (part time and full time)

The essential core modules of a data analytics diploma programme include the Internet of Things, cloud computing, app development, data visualisation, project management and more, all of which provide students with a foundational skillset that can be applied to a number of industries. 

9. Higher Diploma in Computer Science (part time and full time)

This is an advanced level diploma course that helps students meet their career ambitions within the realm of design, analysis and management of computer systems.

10. Higher Diploma in Data Science and Analytics (part time and full time)

This focuses on two increasingly important sectors of data science and AI, allowing students to gain a real-time understanding of web analytics, graphic designing, management advertising and other digital media skills.

Frequently asked questions

Is a diploma course worth it?

Diploma programmes offered in LSBF institutes are approved by the committee for private education (CPE) in Singapore, which provides students with additional support during their studies.

How much will it cost to study in Singapore?

Diploma programmes in Singapore SGD 3,500 for local candidates to SGD 14,400 for international students, depending on the type and level of diploma course you choose to pursue.

Can I work in Singapore after my studies?

Opting to study for a diploma in Singapore will enhance your employability and allows you to apply for a work permit right after your graduation.

Singapore is renowned for offering an enriched learning experience and is the ideal place for you to kickstart your career.

Check out our website to learn more about the diploma courses that the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) Singapore has in store for you.

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