Learning About the Law – “It’s Useful for Many Working Professionals!”

Learning About the Law – “It’s Useful for Many Working Professionals!”

Learning about the law can be useful in a multitude of jobs and industries. We hear from working professional and part-time student, Andy Fong, on how he is benefitting from LSBF’s new Diploma in Law (DIL) programme.

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Tell us more about yourself.

Andy: I am a Regional Auto Claims Manager, where I lead a team of assessors who assess automotive claims and determine their payout value.

Apart from my full-time job, I am also a full-time dad! I have a 15-month-old daughter, who often sits on my lap while I study!

LSBF’s DIL is a new programme. Why did you choose it instead of other law programmes in Singapore?

Andy: I wanted to study law as a form of self-improvement and knowledge upgrade. I felt that the legal field would be a good place to start as it is closely related to my work. It can also establish a good foundation for me should I decide to switch industries in the future.

After looking at several other law programmes, I felt that the modules in the DIL programme were more structured. With modules such as Tort Law and Contract Law, it also seemed more relevant to working professionals’ day-to-day scope.

Another upside is LSBF’s convenient location in the Central Business District – it’s just a few buildings down from my workplace!

What do you find most enjoyable in your programme?

Andy: The high interaction between lecturers and students is something that I really enjoy. The small class size enables plenty of two-way communication, and this makes lessons engaging and inclusive.

Any challenges you have faced in this programme?

Andy: One challenge I have faced is the dynamism of the class schedule, which seems to change every term. Perhaps, this is due to the fact that the lecturers are industry professionals who have to attend to hearings and court sessions and hence, a shift in lessons is needed.

With that said, I am really proud to be in the pioneer batch of this programme. Being in the pioneer batch, this gives us the opportunity to provide feedback to the school so that they can better our experience.

How have you been able to juggle work, family and studies? 

Andy: It can get quite tiring. I start the day at 7am and head to work. On a non-school day, I would head home to attend to my daughter after work. It’s only when I tuck her into bed do I have some ‘me’ time or revision time.

I end lessons at 10pm on a typical school day, and when I get home it would already be bedtime. When we have Friday evening lessons, I would also have to give social outings a miss. There are undoubtedly many mental challenges to overcome. Juggling all these responsibilities certainly takes plenty of self-discipline, drive and determination!

Discover how legal knowledge can bring value to your career with LSBF in Singapore’s 
Diploma in Law.

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