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4 Reasons to Pursue a Bachelor’s Degree

The increasing complexity of professional roles in the 21st century has pushed the barriers in today’s competitive job market. Roles…

Why is a bachelor’s degree so important?

Gaining a degree is an important milestone in a student’s life as it usually considered the first step towards starting…

How to get the most out of your eLearning course

In modern times, we’ve witnessed a tremendous change in education and instead of being limited to a physical classroom, we…

3 Reasons Victoria University is Awesome

Apart from being the birthplace of swoon-worthy actor Chris Hemsworth, Melbourne, Australia is home to some remarkable universities.…

4 Reasons You Should Consider a Business Diploma

Business remains a popular field of study for younger students and mid-career professionals alike, and with good reason.…

“It’s scary to return to school after years of working.”

After a long hiatus from student life, 23-year-old Rishpal Singh decided to take the bold step of returning to school.…

Ensuring Quality in Schools: More than Just Ticking Checklists

In many organisations, quality assurance is often isolated to a quality assurance department or management representative.…

Learn the Lingo – 5 Terms Every Aspiring Legal Practitioner Should Know

Brush up on your legal lingo with this handy list of cool terminologies!…

Learning About the Law – “It’s Useful for Many Working Professionals!”

We hear from working professional and part-time student, Andy Fong, on how he is benefitting from LSBF’s new Diploma in…

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