Performance Management and Appraisals

Participants will learn various performance appraisal techniques that suit their own personalities to enable them to monitor and augment their teams’ progress more efficiently.

The workshop will also introduce coaching, mentoring, counselling and skill-reinforcement as tools for performance management. At the end of the workshop, participants will also gain knowledge on people drivers and stoppers for a more holistic approach to effective performance management.

Performance Management and Appraisals

Key Facts

  • Duration: 2 days, 10am-5pm (12 hours)
  • Delivery Mode:
    • Live Online
    • On campus (please note our campus is currently closed due to Covid-19)
  • Fees: SGD $1,284​


Professionals and managers with direct reports e.g. HODs, Section Heads particular those new to leading teams.

Hand-outs and recommended text.

A certificate of attendance will be issued to participants who have attended and completed the programme.

Learning Objectives

  • Identification of their own strengths and areas of improvement as a supervisor, manager and leader
  • Techniques and strategies for communicating effectively with staff, to foster ownership, commitment, and to achieve a win-win outcome
  • How to plan for the right strategy and execute a productive performance appraisal
  • How to give consistently constructive, result-oriented feedback
  • Ask the correct questions for information, confirmation and consensus
  • The differences between micro and macro management, and their applications to the performance appraisal interview
  • How to be consistent in their various roles i.e. Coach, Counsellor, Mentor, or in combination
  • How to set stretch goals – for the strategic long-term or the shorter tactical-term
  • How to delegate and empower effectively
  • How to deal with difficult staff issues, and conflicts, emotional situations and gambits
  • How to create of their own plan of action for continuous future improvement 

Module Contents

  • Analysis of Participants’ Current Skill Levels
  • Elements in Performance Management
  • Collaborative Dialogue and Questioning Skills in Performance Management
  • Handling Emotional Behaviour
  • Performance Micro vs Macro Management
  • Getting Performance Results: Coaching, Mentoring, Counselling  
  • Targeted Case Studies in Performance Management

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