16th September 2021

LSBF Singapore and UoG's programme receives record number of students


Singapore, 22 September 2021 - the Academic department at The London School of Business and Finance in Singapore hosted their September 2021 intake orientation for new students enrolled in the master’s programme in partnership with The University of Greenwich.

The virtual orientation welcomed students from China, India, Sri Lanka and many other countries around the globe. The LSBF recruitment team was congratulated by Rathakrishnan Govind, CEO of LSBF Singapore for the outstanding work despite the challenging international recruitment environment due to Covid-19 restrictions.

At the orientation, LSBF was extremely pleased to see that students were energetic and enthusiastic to learn about their academic programme, engage with faculty members, and meet their peers. Throughout the session, students were actively engaged in asking questions and networked with each other via the chat feature in Zoom.

The event featured Dr. Raj Dass, Principal Lecturer at UoG, Mohamed Siddiq, Head of School of Business & Law at LSBF and Norasrinah Binte Aziz, Academic Coordinator at LSBF. They delivered in-depth insights and information to new students, such as academic support, class schedules, programme outcomes, expectations of attendance and more.

Commenting on the orientation, Mohamed Siddiq said: “We were thrilled to see a vibrant and diverse family of student scholars this term. We hope the virtual orientation offered our new students the chance to begin their graduate experience with a strong foundation of information and knowledge, as well as a strong sense of community. We wish the class of September 2021 the very best of luck in their studies at LSBF Singapore!”

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