20th October 2014

ACCA Prize Winners: 18 LSBF students in Singapore ranked among the world’s best

In a ringing endorsement of its commitment to excellence in professional education worldwide, the London School of Business and Finance is proud to announce that LSBF in Singapore produced 18 new Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) prize winners in the June examinations. The figure represents one third of all ACCA prize winners in the country, with LSBF students achieving the top three places and ranking in the top 20 worldwide for Fundamental and Professional ACCA papers.

ACCA prizes are only awarded to the highest achievers; in order to qualify, students must achieve 85% or above on their first attempt. In total, this brings the number of LSBF ACCA prize winners in Singapore to 75 in the past six exam sittings.

“We are immensely proud of this result. Once again, the performance of our students reflects the high quality of our tutors, who are some of the most experienced in the country. Most of our students agree that they are inspired by their tutor’s dedication, as many put in extra hours with the students to help them achieve their targets,” said Rathakrishnan Govind, Managing Director at LSBF in Singapore.

The course-relevant extra activities provided by LSBF in Singapore have also been confirmed as a major contributor to students’ learning experience, encouraging them to make every effort to succeed. One of the P7 prize winners, Cory Sanusi, said: “A notable thing was the talk with a speaker from Deloitte, who shared his career with us. This inspired me to pursue a career in consulting, and drove me to achieve a high score in P7.”

Having taught over 6,000 students since opening its doors, LSBF in Singapore prides itself for its relatively short but already very successful operations, with plenty of achievements along the way. Only two years after its inauguration, LSBF in Singapore was awarded with the Platinum Approved Learning Partner Status by ACCA, which is the highest and most prestigious status that they grant to training providers.

"Our success is down to the focus on giving students great tutors and outstanding classroom experience, plus the best administrative support that we possibly can – and always looking to make it even better”, added Mr Govind.

Media Contact:

Ms Miko Chng, LSBF in Singapore's Marketing Manager

Email: mchng@lsbf.edu.sg

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