LSBF in Singapore hosts first seminar for lecturers

LSBF in Singapore hosts first seminar for lecturers

Last week, over thirty faculty members gathered to learn more about the current development of LSBF in Singapore at the first seminar for lecturers.

The seminar began with an address by Mr Rathakrishnan Govind, Managing Director of LSBF Singapore. He extended his appreciation to the lecturers for taking the time to keep abreast with the happenings of the school, and highlighted the importance of the competence-oriented teaching structure.

“LSBF’s faculty is continuously striving to produce distinctive graduates by providing students with a high-quality and enjoyable learning experience,” he said, adding: “The management upholds the quality assurance practices and our programmes are regularly reviewed. We always aim to surpass the demanding accreditation standards of the recognised accreditation bodies.”

Michael Cope, Director of Studies, and Christopher Ludwig, Head of the School of English, also shared their experiences and teaching pedagogies. In addition, Wendy Wong, Director of Programme Management, revealed the new student portal, explaining that it was designed to better help academics connect with the students as well as being an interactive platform to promote the school's activities.

Thank you to the lecturers who took part, and to all who gave presentations.

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