LSBF Singapore Campus hosts Recruitment Partner Summit in India

LSBF Singapore Campus hosts Recruitment Partner Summit in India

On Saturday 5 August, the London School of Business and Finance Singapore Campus held its Recruitment Partner Summit at the ITC Narmada Hotel in Ahmedabad, India. The event was a huge success and enjoyed by all, bringing together recruitment agents from all over India.

The purpose of the summit was to enhance consultants’ expertise while acknowledging their vital role in shaping the educational paths of students.

Harry Sun, Director of International Recruitment at LSBF Singapore Campus, said: “From the event, we have unlocked potentials and built teams who will move towards success together.”

At its core, this event served as a poignant testament to LSBF’s unswerving commitment to the holistic development of students and consultants alike. It underscored the institution’s resolve to foster robust relationships that amplify the shared mission of nurturing and propelling future leaders onto the global stage. As the echoes of this event reverberate through time, its impact will undoubtedly be felt in the enriched interactions and elevated guidance that consultants impart to the next generation of aspiring scholars.

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